Taylor Swift Does NOT Have “Massive Crush” On Chris Martin, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Crush Chris Martin

By Michael Lewittes

Taylor Swift Crush Chris Martin

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Taylor Swift does not have a “massive crush” on Chris Martin, despite a ridiculous new report that claims the singer is trying to make the Coldplay frontman her new boyfriend while his relationship with Jennifer Lawrence is on “shaky ground.” Gossip Cop can debunk this bogus rumor, which originated in Star, a magazine with a poor track record when it comes to reporting about Swift and her love life.

According to the tabloid, Swift has been “smitten” with Martin for years, but she never expressed her “long-hidden feelings” because of his marriage to Gwyneth Paltrow. A so-called “insider” for the magazine says Swift is now “taking advantage” of Martin and Lawrence being kept apart by their busy schedules and is “moving in fast” on him.

The Star “source” adds that Swift joined “The Voice” as an adviser, so she could contact Martin, who previously served as a mentor on the show. What’s more, says the tabloid’s informant, Swift sent Martin a “flirty hand written letter” asking for his career advice, and now the two are exchanging back-and-forth emails because Swift “feels no loyalty” to Lawrence.

Swift is proud feminist, who has been candid about the fact that she is not looking to date anyone at this time. Nor does she have a “rivalry” with Lawrence and is “waging a covert campaign” to win Martin’s heart, as Star baselessly alleges. Of course, Star is the same outlet that falsely claimed Swift was upset by an alleged flirtation between Katy Perry and Harry Styles (that never took place) and also fabricated a story about the singer “playing matchmaker” for Katie Holmes. Regardless, Swifts rep says Stars story is 100 percent untrue.

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