Taylor Swift Is Not “Anorexic,” Despite Despicable Tabloid Report

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Taylor Swift Anorexic

By Daniel Gates

Taylor Swift Anorexic

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Taylor Swift is NOT “wasting away” or sparking fears that she’s anorexic, despite a despicable new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can bust this rumor, which began in Star, an outlet that’s spent recent months spreading bogus stories about Swift, including a report wrongly linking her to Chris Martin and another rumor that falsely alleged she fired male dancers to “maximize profits.”

According to Star, Swift’s “constant workouts and nonstop partying” have her “dropping weight fast.” “Taylor has always had an appetite of a sparrow, but ever since she moved to New York she’s become fixated on her body image,” explains a source for the mag. “She used to be a size zero, but she’s dropped down to a sub-zero. Her frame looks so fragile these days.”

The tabloid source goes on to say of Swift, “She’s terrified of looking fat in a picture, so her way of dealing with that is to be underweight.” Star claims the singer “lives on coffee and salads.” According to the tab’s insider, “Some people are worried that she may even become anorexic.”

No one is more obsessed with criticizing female celebrities for their weight than Star. The magazine has repeatedly gone after Nicole Richie for allegedly being “anorexic.” The tabloid has regularly attacked Angelina Jolie for being “anorexic.” The outlet has said the same thing about Miley Cyrus and lots of other women, none of whom had actual eating disorders. Anorexia is a serious issue with dire health consequences. It’s not a casual label that should be slapped onto any skinny celebrity, but that’s what Star does. It’s disgusting and wrong.

When stars go a few pounds above some ridiculous and arbitrary Hollywood ideal, outlets like Star call them fat. Whey they are skinny, outlets like Star say they have eating disorders. Enough already. Take a look at the pictures of Swift with the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show models from earlier this week. They’re all thin, obviously, but to call out Swift for “wasting away” is ludicrous. She was skinny when she rocketed to fame as a teenager. She’s stayed skinny and kept a healthy lifestyle. There’s no story here. A source close to the singer calls the Star report “garbage.”

Taylor Swift Skinny

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