Taylor Momsen: “Tabloids Will Always Spin Sh*t”

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By Daniel Gates

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Taylor Momsen has traded acting for a music career with The Pretty Reckless, and it seems like the former “Gossip Girl” star has had it with Hollywood. “Fame is so fleeting and stupid,” she tells The Daily Beast in a new interview.

Her television career put Momsen in the spotlight, often with unsettling results. “Once, my tampon string was put on the Internet when I was 15 because some a**hole shot up my dress and it made big headlines,” she recalls.

Momsen continues, “For a year, if you Googled ‘Taylor Momsen’ the tampon photo was the first thing that came up. When that happens, you just go, I really just don’t give a f*ck, and you close the computer. People are going to say what they’re going to say, and the tabloids will always spin sh*t.”

She eventually transitioned from “Gossip Girl” to rock and roll, where she seems to have found her real identity. “I started modeling at 2, and then acting at 3, and then Gossip Girl when I was 12, so I wasn’t really making my own decisions,” explains Momsen. “When I got to a place where I realized I was in control of my own life, and had found the right band, and everything was coming to fruition, it wasn’t even a question: I was going to quit my day job.”

She’s grateful that the producers wrote her out of the series and allowed her to pursue her musical passions, “because they very easily could have told me to go f*ck myself and keep me on the show.”

As her for racy naked pose for the latest The Pretty Reckless album cover, Momsen explains, “It was an elaborate process but the nudity came from: when you come into this world, there’s nothing but your soul, and you leave with nothing but your soul. People have misinterpreted it and turned it into something else, but that’s just tabloid manipulation.”

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