Heiress Tamara Ecclestone Shows World Her Ridiculous Shoe Collection


By Daniel Gates


Not one to shy away from billionaire heiress theatrics, Tamara Ecclestone is at it again. Fresh off her naked roll in the hay with $1.5 million in cash, the daughter of Formula One titan Bernie Ecclestone (and sister of newly married, celebrity homeowner Petra Ecclestone) let a British magazine into her closet… where she keeps approximately 150 pairs of designer shoes, including 100 pairs of Christian Louboutin heels.

She also possesses about 15 pairs of Ugg boots, some Jimmy Choos and about 20 pairs of sneakers, even though she says she rarely exercises. All in all, the estimated shoe inventory is valued at well over $100,000.

Those are just accessories, of course. According to Closer, her overall wardrobe (below) comes in at approximately £1 million (or $1.6 million). But there’s a good reason for that! Ecclestone tells Closer she “usually only wears clothes once.” In other words: We’re pretty sure she’s part of the 1 percent. Would you buy 150 pairs of shoes (if you could)?

Tamara Ecclestone


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