Zendaya Gets New Dog ‘Noon’ On Christmas Following Death Of ‘Midnight’ (PHOTO)

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Zendaya New Dog


Zendaya got a new dog on Christmas Eve, just two months after her beloved schnauzer Midnight died in October, and she’s beyond “thankful.” The singer and actress posted a photo on Instagram of her new dog Noon on Christmas, along with a note about once again being able to feel love. See the picture here!

TIME “Most Influential Teens” Of 2015 List: Kendall And Kylie Jenner, Zendaya

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Kendall Kylie Jenner Time Most Influential Teens List 2015

Kendall Jenner, Kylie Jenner and Zendaya are among the “Most Influential Teens of 2015,” according to Time. Check out who else made the cut here!

Zendaya Slams Magazine Photoshopping, Reveals Unretouched Photo

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zendaya photoshop


Zendaya may be this month’s cover star of Modeliste, but she’s not afraid to call out the magazine. Just hours after her stunning cover was revealed, the Disney Channel star took to Instagram to slam the outlet for heavily photoshopping her 19-year-old frame. Read her inspiring statement here.

Nicki Minaj Congratulates Zendaya By Showing Off Her Own Barbie (PHOTO)

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Nicki Minaj Barbie Zendaya

Nicki Minaj is getting slammed for congratulating Zendaya by showing off her own Barbie. Find out what’s going on here, and tell us what you think.

Demi Lovato Slammed For Wanting Own Barbie After Zendaya Gets Doll With Dreadlocks

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Demi Lovato Barbie Zendaya


Demi Lovato is getting slammed for tweeting about wanting a Barbie Doll with her likeness shortly after Zendaya was given her own, complete with dreadlocks that reflect her race and background. On Saturday, following Zendaya thanking Barbie for her doll, Lovato tweeted at the company, asking it to make a “curvy doll” for which she would “model.” Suffice to say, it caused an avalanche of criticism on Twitter from those who felt Lovato was trying to steal the spotlight from Zendaya.

Zendaya Gets Own Barbie Doll With Dreadlocks (PHOTO)

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Zendaya Barbie


Zendaya got her own Barbie doll on Saturday, complete with the dreadlocks and white dress she wore to the Oscars. The singer-actress later thanked Barbie for its “diversification and expansion of the definition of beauty.”

Zayn Malik NOT “Moving On” With Zendaya, Despite Reports

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Zayn Malik Zendaya Dating

Zayn Malik is NOT “moving on” from Perrie Edwards with Zendaya, despite reports. Gossip Cop can correct the claim.

Taylor Swift Congratulates Zendaya On Graduating From High School (PHOTOS)

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Zendaya high school graduate


Taylor Swift congratulated her close friend Zendaya on graduating from high school on Thursday. The Disney actress walked the stage with hundreds of other graduating seniors from Oak Park High School in California to receive her diploma. “I’M NOT CRYING, YOU ARE. @Zendaya #ProudOfYou,” tweeted Swift, along with a photo she shared of the actress wearing a gold graduation cap-and-gown

Kelly Osbourne Did NOT Warn Giuliana Rancic About Zendaya Weed Comment On Fashion Police, Despite Report

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Kelly Osbourne Warned Giuliana Rancic

Kelly Osbourne did NOT repeatedly warn Giuliana Rancic not to make her controversial “weed” remark about Zendaya during a post-Oscars “Fashion Police” commentary for which Rancic eventually apologized. Us Weekly reported that E! filmed three separate takes of the Zendaya segment because Osbourne allegedly kept telling Rancic not to say Zendaya’s dreadlocks made it look as though the actress smelled like weed. That’s not true.

Kelly Osbourne Praises Zendaya And Giuliana Rancic As “Strong Women” For Making Peace

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Kelly Osbourne Zendaya Giuliana Rancic

Kelly Osbourne is happy Zendaya and Giuliana Rancic have made peace in the wake of the racial controversy Rancic sparked after making a comment about Zendaya’s hair on “Fashion Police.” See here.

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