YouTube Launches SnoopaVision With Snoop Dogg For April Fools’ Day (VIDEO)

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YouTube Snoopavision April Fools Snoop Dogg


YouTube announced the launch of SnoopaVision on Friday, a new feature that allows viewers to watch videos in 360 degrees alongside Snoop Dogg. But don’t get too excited about the new update, it’s only an April Fools’ Day joke. Watch the announcement video here!

YouTube Turns 10 Years Old: Watch 10 Most-Viewed Videos Ever!

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YouTube Most Watched


YouTube was officially founded 10 years ago today: February 14, 2005. The first video was uploaded a little bit later, on April 23 of that year, and the last decade has seen the site become a major part of global pop culture. What are the 10 most viewed YouTube videos of the last 10 years?

WATCH: #YouTubeRewind 2014 Video!

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YouTube Rewind 2014


#YouTubeRewind 2014 has debuted. A year-end look at the moments, memes and people who made 2014 a year to remember (on YouTube), the clip is a reference-packed celebration of online video culture. Watch it here!

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