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Kristen Stewart: Winning Cesar Award Was A “Nice Pat On The Back”

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Kristen Stewart Cesar Award Interview

Kristen Stewart opens up about feeling validated through her acting career in two new interviews. Check out the quotes here!

Justin Bieber: “I’m Not Looking For A Girlfriend,” But “Want A Girl I Can Trust”

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Justin Bieber Girlfriend USA Today

Justin Bieber confesses he was recently in a “dark place,” admits he’s rebuilding his relationship with his mom, and insists he’s “not looking for a girlfriend” in a new interview. See the quotes here!

FKA Twigs: Robert Pattinson Relationship “Worth It” Despite “14-Year-Old” Haters

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FKA Twigs Robert Pattinson USA Today Interview

FKA Twigs is not going to let haters get in the way of her relationship with Robert Pattinson. In a new interview with USA Today, the singer says her happiness with the actor far outweighs some online negativity. See what Twigs says here!

Emma Stone on Body Shaming and Online Critics: “I’m Not Sick. I Eat Sandwiches.”

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Emma Stone see through

Emma Stone opens up in a new USA Today interview, talking about online gossip and body shaming, her relationship to her own body, and her private life with boyfriend Andrew Garfield.

See what she says here!

Britney Spears: Ex-Boyfriend Justin Timberlake Is One Of My Music Inspirations

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(Getty Images)

Britney Spears remains close with ex-boyfriend Justin Timberlake — his music, that is.

In an interview with USA Today, the singer reveals that Timberlake is one of the artists she draws inspiration from.

“This generation is hungry for new sounds. Bruno Mars is so different and fresh, and (ex-boyfriend) Justin Timberlake is, too,” Spears tells the paper.

Jessica Simpson: It Gets “Old” Being Bashed Over Weight, Haters Motivate Me

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(Getty Images)

Jessica Simpson is tired of people focusing on the weight she’s gained with her pregnancies — but she’s now proud to show off all that she’s lost.

“It does get old having people harping on how much you weigh or your body after pregnancy,” says the mom of two, noting, “People are going to pick me apart no matter what I do. I’m always going to have critics out there who will make a story out of something.”

But Simpson is now using the scrutiny as motivation to “be the best version of myself and to feel great.”

Brad Pitt: “I’m Quite Emotional” About Angelina Jolie’s Double Mastectomy

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Brad Pitt reveals new details about Angelina Jolie’s double mastectomy in an interview with USA Today, saying he’s “quite emotional about it.”

“She could have stayed absolutely private about it and I don’t think anyone would have been none the wiser with such good results. But it was really important to her to share the story and that others would understand it doesn’t have to be a scary thing,” says the actor.

He continues, “In fact, it can be an empowering thing, and something that makes you stronger and us stronger.”

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