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Justin Bieber Never Accused Selena Gomez Of “Using Him,” Despite Report

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Used


Justin Bieber never accused Selena Gomez of “using him” while the two were dating, despite an inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim.

Angelina Jolie NOT Teaching At Georgetown, Despite Report

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Angelina Jolie Georgetown

Angelina Jolie is NOT teaching At Georgetown, despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct this false claim.

Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez Collaboration Song Rumors NOT True

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Collaboration Song


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are NOT collaborating together on a new song, despite inaccurate speculation. Gossip Cop can exclusively clear up these rumors.

Justin Bieber Lectured Zac Efron About His Career?

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Justin Bieber Zac Efron Career Advice


Did Justin Bieber lecture Zac Efron about his career choices? Find out the truth here!

Taylor Swift NOT Snubbed By MTV Video Music Awards, Despite Report

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Kim Kardashian VMAs Snub

Taylor Swift was not “snubbed” by the MTV Video Music Awards, which announced its nominations on Tuesday. Gossip Cop correct this inaccurate report.

Taylor Swift Feud With Kim Kardashian, Kanye West NOT “Publicity Stunt”

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Taylor Swift Publicity Stunt Kim Kardashian Kanye West

Taylor Swift‘s feud with Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is NOT a “publicity stunt,” despite speculation. Gossip Cop can reveal what’s going on.

Tom Hiddleston Proposing To Taylor Swift Claim NOT True

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Tom Hiddleston Proposing Taylor Swift


Tom Hiddleston is not proposing to Taylor Swift after just weeks of dating, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the report. We’re told there’s no merit to the claims.

Blake Shelton “Using” Gwen Stefani Claim NOT True

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Blake Shelton Using Gwen Stefani


Blake Shelton is NOT “using” Gwen Stefani, despite a bogus tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this claim.

Us Weekly Buys Interview With Nick Young’s Pregnant Ex Keonna Green

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Nick Young Keonna Green Interview

Us Weekly bought an interview with Nick Young’s ex Keonna Green, who confirms she is 22 weeks pregnant with their second child. The confirmation comes after rampant rumors in the wake of Young’s breakup with Iggy Azalea.

Paris Hilton Never Claimed She Made Kim Kardashian “Famous,” Despite Reports

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Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian Famous

Paris Hilton did NOT “like” a fan-made Instagram meme that says she made Kim Kardashian “famous,” despite inaccurate reports. Gossip Cop can debunk this rumor.

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