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Lindsey Vonn STD Story False

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Lindsey Vonn STD

Lindsey Vonn is not suffering from an STD, nor is Tiger Woods in any danger, despite a ridiculous report. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

Lindsey Vonn Wardrobe Malfunction Has Nothing To Do With Tiger Woods

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Lindsey Vonn Wardrobe Malfunction

Lindsey Vonn had a wardrobe malfunction during a red carpet appearance on Thursday. It had nothing to do with her ex, Tiger Woods, who wasn’t in attendance. But that’s not the way a certain site is spinning it.

Lindsey Vonn On Tiger Woods: “I Loved Him And I Still Love Him”

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Lindsey Vonn Still Loves Tiger Woods Interview

Lindsey Vonn says she still loves Tiger Woods, more than six months after their breakup. Check out the skier’s new interview here.

Tiger Woods Denies He Cheated On Lindsey Vonn With Amanda Boyd

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Tiger Woods Cheated Lindsey Vonn Amanda Boyd

Tiger Woods is denying reports claiming he cheated on Lindsey Vonn with Amanda Boyd, the ex-wife of fellow pro golfer Jason Dufner. Find out more here.

Tiger Woods: Lindsey Vonn Breakup Has Been “Brutal On Me” (VIDEO)

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Tiger Woods Brutal Lindsey Vonn Split


Tiger Woods admitted his split with Lindsey Vonn has been “brutal,” and that he hasn’t slept in days. See the video here.

Tiger Woods And Lindsey Vonn Split After Nearly Three Years — SEE STATEMENT

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Tiger Woods Lindsey Vonn Split

Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn have split. The championship golfer and Olympic skier each announced the breakup on Sunday with separate statements. See here.

Tiger Woods BLASTS Golf Digest Over Fake Interview: This Parody Is “Grudge-Fueled Character Assassination”

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Tiger Woods Players Tribune

Tiger Woods BLASTS Golf Digest and writer Dan Jenkins in a new post on The Players’ Tribune, calling a fake “Woods” interview recently published as parody by the magazine a “grudge-fueled piece of character assassination.”

Tiger Woods, Jimmy Fallon & Rory McIlroy Play “Facebreakers” on Tonight Show


Jimmy Fallon played “Facebreakers” against the number one golfer in the world Rory McIlroyTiger Woods was the “Tonight Show” host’s coach and caddy.

So, who won?

Check out the video here!

CLAIM: Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn Fighting Over Whether to Have Baby

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(Getty Images)


The National Enquirer, which spread false stories about Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn throughout last year, is off to a roaring start in 2014.

According to the tabloid, “The glamour couple’s relationship is going through a rough patch because dad-of-two Tiger is dead-set against having more children, and he doesn’t want any part of Lindsey’s dysfunctional family.”

Lindsey Vonn “Convinced” Tiger Woods is Cheating With Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren?

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Tiger Woods newest lover Lindsey Vonn is convinced that the self-confessed sex addict is cheating on her already,” reports the National Enquirer, which claims that the supposed “other woman” is the golfer’s ex-wife, Elin Nordegren.

For real?

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