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Kristen Stewart: Woody Allen Is A “Gentle” Director

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Kristen Stewart Woody Allen Interview September 2015

Kristen Stewart has nothing but praise for Woody Allen in a new interview about their film project. See what the actress says about the famed director here!

Kristen Stewart: My “First Love” Inspired Emotions In Equals

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Kristen Stewart First Love Equals Interview

Kristen Stewart is confessing that lingering emotions from her “first love” inspired her performance in her new movie Equals. Check out the new interview here!

Caitlyn Jenner Has Editing Say On “I Am Cait,” Kardashians Producer Wants Kendall And Kylie Jenner Spinoff

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Caitlyn Jenner I Am Cait Producer Interview

Caitlyn Jenner has a significant amount of control over the editing of “I Am Cait,” producer Gil Goldschein reveals in a new interview. He also admits what Kardashian-Jenner show he’d like to do next. See here!

“Twilight” Producers Praise Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson’s Success

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Wyck Godfrey Robert Pattinson Kristen Stewart Interview

It’s been almost three years since Breaking Dawn – Part 2 was released, and the Twilight Saga producers are proud to see what stars Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have gone on to accomplish. Check out a new interview here!

Kristen Stewart: Celebrity News Is “Huge, Booming, F*cking Money-Making Industry”

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Kristen Stewart Hollywood Reporter

Kristen Stewart has been put through the wringer enough to know there’s no real escape from the Hollywood gossip industry once you achieve a certain level of notoriety. “If you think about the source of it all, which is really the big, big, big green monster of cash, there’s just no way that that’s stopping,” she tells The Hollywood Reporter. “It’s a new industry — celebrity news is a whole new form of entertainment — and it’s a huge, booming, f*cking money-making industry, so why would it stop?”

Seth Rogen Denies “Pot Stench” Is Delaying Amy Pascal’s Office Move

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Seth Rogen Amy Pascal Marijuana

Seth Rogen is denying his “pot stench” is keeping Sony’s co-chair Amy Pascal from moving into what was his old office. He took to Instagram to shoot down a new report that claims Pascal, who will now have a producer’s office on the lot, has delayed her move because the smell of Rogen’s marijuana smoking.

Julianne Moore: I Don’t Believe In God Or Unrestricted Guns

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Julianne Moore God

Julianne Moore does not believe in God or unrestricted guns. In a new interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the five-time Oscar nominee explains that she doesn’t think there’s a higher power, believing instead that humans impose their own order on a world of randomness. Moore says, “I learned when my mother died five years ago that there is no ‘there’ there. Structure, it’s all imposed. We impose order and narrative on everything in order to understand it. Otherwise, there’s nothing but chaos.”

Dennis Rodman Slams The Interview, Invites Seth Rogen To North Korea

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(Getty Images)

Dennis Rodman is inviting Seth Rogen to go to North Korea with him. In his first in-depth interview on Rogen’s controversial film The Interview and the Sony hacking scandal, the former NBA star suggests the actor screwed up by making a movie about a country he’s never stepped foot in. See Rodman’s comments here, and tell us what you think.

Night at the Museum Star: Robin Williams Helped Me Score A Date To Prom

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Robin Williams Prom

Robin Williams helped countless people throughout his life and career, and one of the last things he did in the months before he died was help one young co-star score a prom date. Get the full story here!

Vitalii Sediuk on Kim Kardashian Attack: I Was Just Trying To Hug Her!

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Kim Kardashian Vitalli Sediuk Attack

Vitalii Sediuk, the notorious Ukrainian prankster, claims he was just trying to hug Kim Kardashian when he seemingly attacked her in Paris.

As Gossip Cop reported, Kardashian had just arrived with Kanye West and Kris Jenner for the Balmain show at Fashion Week, and was about to walk from their car when Sediuk lunged toward her.

Sediuk, who targeted Brad Pitt in a similar stunt earlier this year, now says he went to the event specifically to see Kardashian and West.

See here.

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