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The Daily Show with Jon Stewart

President Obama’s Final Appearance On “The Daily Show With Jon Stewart” (VIDEO)

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President Obama Daily Show Jon Stewart


President Barack Obama made his third and final appearance on “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” on Tuesday, and talked about a variety of topics, but mostly focused on the Middle East. Watch the full interview here!

Jon Stewart Leaving The Daily Show

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Jon Stewart Retiring

Jon Stewart is leaving “The Daily Show.” He announced the news during Tuesday’s taping, and Comedy Central confirmed his departure in a statement.

Jennifer Aniston On Cake: “F*ck It! I Wanted To Challenge Myself!” (VIDEO)

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Jennifer Aniston Fuck It


Jennifer Aniston explained her mindset behind taking the difficult, unflattering role she plays in Cake on Thursday’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.” As she told the host, “I said, “F*ck it.’ I wanted to challenge myself.” Watch the video here.

VIDEO: Anne Hathaway Can’t Stop Laughing About Coma Movie On Daily Show

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Anne Hathaway Laughing


Anne Hathaway and Jon Stewart couldn’t stop laughing on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show.” What made their giggling fit even worse was that it came right after Hathaway described how her Song One character’s brother is in a coma. Watch the video here.

Chris Rock Promotes His Own Movie After Sony Hack: “We Almost Don’t Kill Any Koreans!” (VIDEO)

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Chris Rock Koreans


Chris Rock talked about the cancellation of The Interview on Thursday’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart,” joking that his own new movie Top Five is “very Korean-friendly” and encouraging moviegoers to see it instead. Watch the video here.

Anna Kendrick: Chris Pine and Corset Almost Killed Me! (VIDEO)

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Anna Kendrick Daily Show


Anna Kendrick ruined fairy tales for Jon Stewart’s daughter during her appearance on Wednesday’s “The Daily Show.” She also talked about how Chris Pine and a corset almost killed her. Check out the video here!

VIDEO: Ben Affleck Slams Jon Stewart For “Spoiling” Batman v. Superman

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Ben Affleck Jon Stewart


Ben Affleck teased and feigned outrage at Jon Stewart during a hilarious “Daily Show” interview on Tuesday.

Check out the video here!

VIDEO: Did Daily Show Joke About One Direction Call Zayn Malik A Terrorist?

Daily Show Zayn Malik


One Direction fans are furious with “The Daily Show” for allegedly joking that Zayn Malik is a terrorist.

On Friday, Directioners’ outrage made #TheDailyShowGoneTooFar become the top trending topic on Twitter.

President Obama Talks Fifty Shades of Grey & Debate “Off Night” with Jon Stewart


President Obama discusses “Fifty Shades of Grey” and his “off night” in the first presidential debate on Thursday’s “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.”

The Commander-in-Chief sat for two segments of roughly seven minutes apiece with Stewart, who last interviewed Obama in October 2010.

Jonah Hill: I Freeloaded at Brad Pitt’s House for Months (VIDEO)

(Comedy Central)


Jonah Hill lived at Brad Pitt’s house in New Orleans for four months during filming on 21 Jump Street.

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