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Chris Soules Has NOT “Betrayed” Bachelor Winner, Despite Report

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Chris Soules Bachelor Winner


Chris Soules has not “betrayed” the woman he proposed to nor has he been caught in a “shocking lie,” despite a sensationalized report from one of the tabloids. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the false report, which alleges his relationship is in “jeopardy.”

The Bachelor Chris Soules: Kaitlyn Should Be The Next Bachelorette

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Chris Soules Kaitlyn Bachelorette

Chris Soules thinks Kaitlyn should be the next “Bachelorette” because she she’s “fun,” can “handle crazy dates,” and is “ready to find love.”While  Soules sent Kaitlyn home on the February 23 episode after their overnight date in Bali, he feels she has a lot of the characteristics that would make her a great “Bachelorette.”

The Bachelor ‘Women Tell All’ Recap: Chris Soules Gets Grilled After Tears And Fights

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The Bachelor Chris Soules Women Tell All

“The Women Tell All” episode of “The Bachelor” had lots of tears, the ladies fighting with each other, and naturally Chris Soules getting grilled in the hot seat. Britt faced off with Carly, Kelsey tried to explain her “fake” behavior, Kaitlyn wanted to know why she was sent home, and much more. Get FULL recap here!

The Bachelor Chris Soules: Does He Even Want To Live In Arlington? (EDITORIAL)

Bachelor Chris Soules Arlington


Chris Soules has worried episode after episode of “The Bachelor” whether the woman he ends up with can live in his small town of Arlington, Iowa, but Gossip Cop is not even sure he wants to return there so quickly. Some women on the show like Britt have been sent home because Soules didn’t feel they really wanted to live in his town of 427 people. However, “The Bachelor” himself doesn’t seem to have any desire right now to live there either, especially with talk of him joining “Dancing with the Stars.”

The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Takes Three Women To Bali, Picks Final Two!

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap February 23

The Bachelor” Season 19’s ninth episode had Chris Soules taking the remaining three women, Becca, Kaitlyn, and Whitney all the way to exotic, beautiful, and lush Bali in Indonesia. After enjoying romantic one-on-one dates with them, he then invited each of the three women to spend the night with him in the “Fantasy Suite. And while he had a blast with Whitney, Kaitlyn, and Becca, he sent one of them home.

See who got roses and who got sent home!

Bachelor Chris Soules Talks “Crazy Girls” And “Fantasy Suite” On Ellen (VIDEO)

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Chris Soules Ellen DeGeneres


Chris Soules was on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show,” hours before Monday’s episode with him and the remaining women spending time in Bali, and “The Bachelor” star discussed the “crazy girls” he’s met on the show and the three he took to the “Fantasy Suite.”

The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Goes On Hometown Dates, Sends 3 Women Home

Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap February 16

The Bachelor” Season 19’s eighth episode had Chris Soules going on hometown dates with the remaining four women. Soules learned a lot about the final four women, much of which he liked but also some things that didn’t sit well with him. “The Bachelor” eliminated a few women. See who got roses and who got sent home!

The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Takes Six Women Home To Iowa

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Bachelor Recap February 2015

The Bachelor” Season 19 continued on Sunday as part of a two-night special. The episode, the seventh so far, had Chris Soules and the remaining women going to his home state of Iowa, where some loved it and others did not. But before they went to Iowa, Soules still had one woman to eliminate. See who he sent home!

Bachelor Star Chris Soules Engaged, But NOT “In Love” With Another Woman, Despite Report

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Chris Soules Other Woman

“The Bachelor” star Chris Soules is NOT “in love with another woman,” despite a new Life & Style cover story claiming Soules is engaged to one of the show’s contestants but infatuated with a different one. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this report.

The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Sends Two Women Home After Bad Date In Badlands, South Dakota

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap February 9

The Bachelor” Season 19’s sixth episode had Chris Soules taking the women to South Dakota, where most of the woman had fun writing and singing country music songs while two others had an ugly face off against the beautiful backdrop of the Badlands.

See who got sent home!

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