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The Bachelor

The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Sends Home Four After Cinderella And Mud Dates

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap January 26


The Bachelor” Season 19’s fourth episode had Chris Soules’ three sisters making a surprise appearance and deciding with whom he would go on a one-on-one “Cinderella”-themed date. Far less glamorous were the two group dates. One group date had the women camping overnight in tents, while the second had the women racing through mud in wedding dresses.

See who got roses and who got sent home!

The Bachelor Recap: Chris Soules Sends Three Home With Help From Jimmy Kimmel

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Recap January 19

The Bachelor” Season 19’s third episode had Chris Soules getting help with his dates from Jimmy Kimmel, who made this week’s show hilarious. Soules’ dates involved spending the day at Costco, having assorted competitions with farm animals, and crashing a wedding.

See who got roses and see who got sent home!

PHOTOS: Meet The Bachelor Chris Soules’ 30 Contestants

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Chris Soules Bachelor Contestants


Chris Soules “Bachelor” contestants have been revealed, one month before the big season 19 premiere. The 33-year-old farmer from Iowa will meet 30 beautiful women from all across the country when the show returns on January 5. But before all that, Gossip Cop has a sneak peek of the ladies.

Check out the photos here!

Did Chris Soules Get A Bachelor Contestant Pregnant?

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Chris Soules Pregnancy On The Bachelor


When the National Enquirer isn’t outright fabricating articles, it loves to sensationalize. That’s how we get a story in its latest issue that exclaims, “The new season of ‘The Bachelor’ may end in a shotgun wedding — with a pregnancy scandal that will leave viewers waiting to see if small-town stud Chris Soules knocked up a female contestant!” Gossip Cop can confirm, however, that it’s far more misleading than accurate.

The Bachelor Recap: See Who Chris Soules Kisses, Keeps & Kicks Off After First Dates

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Chris Soules The Bachelor recap January 12

“The Bachelor” Chris Soules went on his first series of dates, and kissed a LOT of women. But he had to eliminate several during the rose ceremony.

See who got roses and see who got sent home!

Chris Soules Reveals Bachelor Spoilers On Jimmy Kimmel Live (VIDEO)

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Chris Soules Bachelor Spoilers


Chris Soules of “The Bachelor” appeared on Monday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” following the season premiere of the dating show, and he kind of gave away some spoilers.

Chris Soules’ The Bachelor Premiere Recap: Who Got Roses And Who Got Sent Home

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Chris Soules The Bachelor Premiere


The Bachelor” Season 19 premiered on Monday with Chris Soules beginning his search for love and meeting the 30 ladies vying for his heart. Soules, who had his heart broken by last season’s “Bachelorette” Andi Dorfman, returned to the reality franchise in hopes of finding the woman of his dreams.

See who got roses and see who got sent home!

Chris Harrison: I Don’t “Sleep Around” — It’s “Exhausting”

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Chris Harrison GQ

Chris Harrison opens up about his divorce and his frustrations with dating in the new GQ, also revealing how he believes “The Bachelor” has helped to “evolve the modern man.”

Chris Soules: Unlike Juan Pablo, I’ll “Respect” Women On The Bachelor

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Chris Soules Diss Juan Pablo

Chris Soules says he’ll be a different kind of “Bachelor” than the widely vilified Juan Pablo Galavis. The show’s new hunk is set to begin his quest for love when the show returns in January, and Soules is following Galavis, one of the most polarizing figures in “Bachelor” history for his occasionally less-than-gentlemanly treatment of the women vying for his heart.

Jimmy Kimmel Introduces Guessing Game “Diarrhea Or Silence?” About Bachelor Women’s Biggest Date Fears (VIDEO)

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Diarrhea Or Silence


Jimmy Kimmel made fun on Wednesday’s show of the women vying for Chris Soules when “The Bachelor” returns on January 5. Noting that many of them listed on their bios that “diarrhea” and “silence” were their biggest date fears, he introduced a guessing game about the contests called “Diarrhea Or Silence?” Check out the video here!

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