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Suge Knight Fatal Hit-And-Run Video Emerges: Mogul Seen Running Over Two Men

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Suge Knight Hit Run Video


Full video has emerged of Suge Knight running over two men, one fatally, and it’s gruesome. Watch here if so inclined.

Suge Knight: Target Of Ambush?

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Suge Knight Ambush

Suge Knight may have been the target of an ambush when he hit and killed a man and injured another last month in Los Angeles following an altercation on the set of a promotional shoot for the movie Straight Outta Compton.

Suge Knight Wanted To Make Peace With Dr. Dre Before Murder Arrest For Hit And Run Of Terry Carter

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Suge Knight Dr Dre Hit Run

Suge Knight was supposedly on a mission of peace, to settle his differences with Dr. Dre, before he ended up running his truck over two men and being charged with murder. Sources in the rap mogul’s camp claim his presence at the scene of the crime was to make peace with Dr. Dre, with whom he’s feuded for years.

Suge Knight Hits Men With Car, Killing Friend Terry Carter (VIDEO)

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Suge Knight Hit, Killed Man With Car

Suge Knight allegedly killed his friend Terry Carter in Compton on Thursday when he hit the man with his car before fleeing the scene. A lawyer for the rap mogul confirms he was behind the wheel. Get the latest details here.

Suge Knight “Turned Down At Door” Of 1Oak Before Shooting Inside (EXCLUSIVE)

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(Getty Images)


Suge Knight was “turned down at the door” outside the West Hollywood club 1Oak before being shot six times early Sunday at Chris Brown’s pre-VMAs party, Gossip Cop is exclusively reporting.

A source on the scene tells us, “The doormen turned him down” at first.

Suge Knight Moments After He Got Shot – WATCH VIDEO

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(Getty Images)


Suge Knight was shot six times early Sunday at a pre-VMAs party hosted by Chris Brown, as Gossip Cop previously reported, and now video has emerged of the rap mogul moments after he got hit.

Check out the video here.

Suge Knight Shot At Chris Brown’s Pre-VMA Party, Rap Mogul Hospitalized

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Suge Knight Shot


Suge Knight was shot twice — and is currently in surgery — after a pre-VMAs party hosted by Chris Brown turned violent early Sunday morning.

Knight, and other celebrities including Tyson Beckford and Apple de Ap, were partying at 10ak in West Hollywood when shots rang out around 1:30 a.m.

Find out more here.

Suge Knight: Tupac Shakur Is NOT DEAD!

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(Getty Images)


Suge Knight says Tupac Shakur is alive.

The rap mogul made the statement — and slammed Diddy — during a rant to paparazzi in Los Angeles on Thursday.

Suge Knight: Tupac Shakur Might Not Be Dead



Forget the reanimated Tupac Shakur “hologram” that mesmerized everyone at CoachellaSuge Knight is not totally convinced the rap legend is really dead.

On Friday, Knight appeared on Los Angeles radio station 93.5 KDAY and offered an interesting theory for why Shakur’s 1996 shooter is not in jail.

“Maybe the question is… Pac’s really not really dead,” said Knight. “Pac’s somewhere else.”

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