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Bad Week: Gossip Cop Busts Out-Of-Control Tabloid Cover Lies

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Divorce

It was a banner week for the tabloids, and not in a good way. OK!, Life & Style, In Touch, Star, and the National Enquirer all published cover stories that were either grossly misleading, wrong, or flat-out made up. And Gossip Cop corrected every single one within hours of the issues hitting newsstands.

Ariana Grande Did NOT Make “Weird Water Demand” Of Her Assistant, Despite Report

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Ariana Grande Water


Ariana Grande is NOT the “diva” tabloids keep insisting, and Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the latest absurd rumor, which claims she has a “weird water demand.” The story originated in Star, an outlet Grande humiliated earlier this year when she herself busted the tab’s made-up speculation that she was dating Adrian Grenier.

James Franco NOT Joining Scientology, Despite Report

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James Franco Scientology

James Franco is NOT joining Scientology, despite a new rumor that began with a report in Star. According to the magazine, the actor is currently “debating” whether to become a Scientologist, following in the footsteps of Tom Cruise and John Travolta.

Justin Bieber Is Not Becoming Professional Cage Fighter, Despite Magazine Claim

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Justin Bieber Cage Fighter


Justin Bieber is not trying to become a professional cage fighter, despite a hilariously made up story by one of the tabloids. As absurd as it sounded, Gossip Cop still investigated, much like we do with every story, and we were exclusively told by Bieber’s rep that the claim is 100 percent not true.

Ashton Kutcher “Caught In Bed” With Woman, Says Misleading Star Cover Story

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Linn Massinger Ashton Kutcher

Ashton Kutcher is the subject of a grossly misleading Star cover story claiming he was “caught in bed with another woman.” Gossip Cop can bust this rumor of an alleged “sexy romp” behind Mila Kunis’ back. For starters, Star’s cover fails to tell readers that Kutcher’s supposed rendezvous with Linn Massinger occurred more than two years ago, in July 2012, during a period when his relationship with Kunis remained very much on-and-off.

Emma Slater And Dancing With The Stars Partner Michael Waltrip Are NOT Dating

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Emma Slater Michael Waltrip Dating


Nascar driver Michael Waltrip and his “Dancing With The Stars” partner Emma Slater are NOT dating, despite reports. Gossip Cop looked into the rumor, which began this week in Star, and we’re exclusively reporting that all talk of a romance between the two is completely unfounded.

According to the tabloid’s article, Slater, who is 25, and the 51-year-old Waltrip “have fallen for each other since being paired up for the show in September.”


Mel B And Husband Stephen Belafonte Play Naked Games In Front Of Neighbors?!

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Mel B Stephen Belafonte Sex

Mel B and her husband Stephen Belafonte are playing board games while naked outdoors and angering their Los Angeles neighbors, according to a crazy new story.

Star claims the couple is giving people quite an eyeful to “keep the spark alive” in their marriage.


Tea Leoni “Diva” On Madam Secretary?

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Tea Leoni Diva

Tea Leoni is a “diva” on the set of “Madam Secretary,” claims Star in yet another false story from the same outlet that fabricated similar rumors about Zooey Deschanel, Shailene Woodley, Lucy Hale, and virtually every other perfectly nice actress working in Hollywood.

According to the magazine, Leoni’s “ego needs some checks and balances.” A so-called “set source” tells Star, “Tea told producers that she wants final approval over her costars — she doesn’t want anyone who’s a bigger name on the show. She has a fear of being outshone or outperformed.”

Toni Garrn Did NOT Dump Leonardo DiCaprio, Despite Report

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Leonardo DiCaprio Toni Garrn Split

Toni Garrn has NOT dumped Leonardo DiCaprio, despite a new report claiming the model has parted ways with the actor after she “got tired of him refusing to commit.”

Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the rumor, which was started by Star, the same outlet which falsely claimed back in November 2013 that DiCaprio and Garrn had broken up.

Khloe Kardashian Might Die From Her Diet, Claims Shameless Magazine

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Khloe Kardashian Dead

Khloe Kardashian is NOT “taking her anger out on her body,” despite a new tabloid report claiming the reality TV star is going “to extremes with a diet and exercise regimen that could have lethal consequences.”

The sensationalized story comes from Star, an outlet that said Kardashian was pregnant back in January, and has generally been totally uninformed about her health and life.

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