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Caitlyn Jenner Runs Down Pedestrians On “South Park” (VIDEO)

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South Park Caitlyn Jenner


Caitlyn Jenner received the “South Park” treatment on Wednesday’s episode of the Comedy Central series, during which a cartoon version of the reality star accidentally ran over and killed two pedestrians with her car. Watch the shocking video here.

Bill Cosby Tries To Rape Taylor Swift On South Park – WATCH VIDEO

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Bill Cosby Rape Taylor Swift South Park


Bill Cosby essentially tried to rape Taylor Swift on Wednesday’s “South Park” episode. While no sexual assault is actually depicted, it’s strongly implied that the cartoon version of the alleged serial rapist is seen attempting to drug and take advantage of Swift. Watch the video here.

George R.R. Martin: “I Like Boobies, Not Weenies” — WATCH HERE!

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George R.R. Martin South Park Weenies Boobies


George R.R. Martin reveals “South Park” has it all wrong when it comes to which body part he’s obsessed with — noting he likes “Boobies, not weenies.”

Check out the funny video here!

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