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Claims of friction on “Sex and the City” set rub wrong way

Truth rating: 1

The New York Post has once again implied that there’s friction between the “Sex and the City” women, who are filming the sequel in Morocco for a few weeks.

According to a piece in the paper, “Kristin Davis and Kim Cattrall are at the Amanjena Hotel, [Sarah Jessica Parker is] at the newly redone Mamounia… Cynthia Nixon’s at the Es Saadi. Their time spent together is strictly in front of the cameras. No socializing off camera.” True or not?

Police chief found guilty in Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick case

Truth rating: 10

The Ohio police chief, who prosecutors alleged broke into the home of Michelle Ross – the surrogate who carried Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick’s twins – was just found guilty of three felonies.

Story claiming “Sex and the City 3″ is also in production is out of order

Truth rating: 0

According to the British edition of OK!, a third “Sex and the City” film is being shot at the same time as the second, explaining why certain scenes won’t be in the sequel. Also, OK! claims that the stars wanted it shot back-to-back so that they wouldn’t appear older onscreen. Really?

EXCLUSIVE “SEX and the city 2″: Gossip Cop separates WHAT’S REAL from WHAT’S RUMOR

Truth rating: 10


Since Gossip Cop is THE trusted source in reporting, we found out what’s in the current script of the “Sex and the City” sequel in order to correct a few inaccuracies that have been reported.

Do not worry: We are NOT going to spoil the film’s plot – well, not that much of it.

If you don’t want to know anything about the film, now’s the time to check out our other stories, otherwise…

Reports of Feuding Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall Are False

Truth rating: 2

A story by the British Star magazine that’s spreading like the flu – because Perez Hilton and others passed it along without checking facts – has Sarah Jessica Parker and Kim Cattrall fighting on the set of the new “Sex and the City” sequel. According to these “war” reports, Parker and Cattrall “dislike each other so much they refuse to talk to one another, leaving the rest of the cast and crew feeling uncomfortable on set.”

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