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Sinead O’Connor Apologizes To Arsenio Hall To Settle Defamation Lawsuit

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Sinead O'Connor Apologizes Arsenio Hall

Sinead O’Connor is apologizing to Arsenio Hall for falsely claiming he gave drugs to Prince. The public apology is to settle the lawsuit Hall filed against O’Connor for making the untrue allegation. Read it here.

Sinead O’Connor Found Safe After Going Missing In Chicago

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Sinead O'Connor Found

Sinead O’Connor was found safe on Monday after going missing during a bike ride in a Chicago suburb. Additional details, such as where the singer was found, have not been released at this time.

Arsenio Hall Suing Sinead O’Connor For Claiming He Supplied Prince With Drugs

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Arsenio Hall Sues Sinead O'Connor

Arsenio Hall filed a $5 million defamation lawsuit against Sinead O’Connor on Thursday for claiming he supplied Prince with illegal drugs “over the decades.”

Sinead O’Connor Calls Kim Kardashian A “C*nt”

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Sinead OConnor Kim Kardashian

Sinead O’Connor lashed into Kim Kardashian on Tuesday, calling her a “c*nt.” The rocker shared a photo on Facebook of Kardashian’s July Fourth Rolling Stone cover and wrote alongside it, “What is this c*nt doing on the cover of Rolling Stone?”

Sinead O’Connor EXPLODES After The American Music Awards Allegedly Wanted Her To Appear With Pope Francis

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Sinead O'Connor Pope Francis American Music Awards

Sinead O’Connor has gone on an epic rant against Dick Clark Productions and the American Music Awards after they allegedly wanted her to appear at this year’s show with none other than Pope Francis. According to the controversial singer, “It was decided that it would be ‘A great hook’ to ask Pope Francis to appear with me.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Dick Clark Productions allegedly wanted the woman who once ripped up a picture of Pope John Paul on “Saturday Night Live” to now perform on live television with the current pope.

Sinead O’Connor: Justin Bieber Was “Sold On His Sexuality” As Child

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Sinead O'Connor Justin Bieber

Sinead O’Connor says an underage Justin Bieber was “sold on his sexuality.”

Sinead O’Connor BLASTS Miley Cyrus In New Letter: Apologize For Your Abuse

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(Getty Images)

Sinead O’Connor has SLAMMED Miley Cyrus — again — after the younger singer mocked O’Connor’s open letters to Cyrus and suggested they “meet up and talk.”

In a scathing third letter, posted on Facebook on Friday, O’Connor rips into Cyrus.

Sinead O’Connor Calls Miley Cyrus “F*cking Stupid” in SECOND Letter, Threatens To Sue

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(Getty Images)

Sinead O’Connor’s offering of unsolicited advice to Miley Cyrus has turned into a war of words.

As Gossip Cop previously reported, O’Connor posted an open letter to the controversial starlet advising her not to let herself be “prostituted” by the music industry by “exploiting” her “sexual appeal.”

Cyrus didn’t take too kindly to it, and now O’Connor has written ANOTHER letter, followed by another short missive, this time angrily slamming the “We Can’t Stop” singer and vowing to get her attorney involved.

Sinead O’Connor Writes Open Letter to Miley Cyrus: You’re Being Prostituted

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(Getty Images)

Sinead O’Connor has written an open letter to Miley Cyrus, advising the young singer to stop letting herself be “exploited” for her “sexual appeal” instead of developing her artistic talents.

Sinead O’Connor and Husband Barry Herridge Split Up After Just 16 Days

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(Sinead O'Connor)

Sinead O’Connor has already split from her new husband. The singer, who recently wed Barry Herridge, announced on Monday that she and her husband ended the marriage on Christmas Eve, just 16 days after tying the knot on December 8 in Las Vegas.

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