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Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson Have No Plans for Hiatus

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“Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart want to follow in the footsteps of Johnny Depp!” declares Showbiz Spy.

Oh? How so?

Well, “sources” for the site say the pair plans to “take some time off” after ‘Breaking Dawn’ is completed, and want to choose to work only when they want.

“After ‘Twilight’ they are aiming for a Johnny Depp level of fame — to work when they want but to get peace and quiet when they don’t,” reports one “source.”

CLAIM: Drew Barrymore to Play Zsa Zsa Gabor in Biopic

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Showbiz Spy claims Zsa Zsa Gabor wants Drew Barrymore to play her in a movie about her life.

The outlet cites the National Enquirer’s report that the ailing 93-year-old told Barrymore it was her “dying wish” for the younger star to accept the role. Really?

Site Claims Kristen Stewart’s Iced Tea Break Means Her Celebrity Has Cooled


Talk about missing the point.

On Wednesday, E! Online passed along a rather charming possible Kristen Stewart sighting at Peet’s Coffee in Los Angeles.

When the E! source asked whether the counter guy knew who he’d just served, he supposedly said he didn’t.

“The girl from ‘Twilight,'” he was told, to which the employee reportedly replied, “I don’t go for that vampire crap.”

Angelina Jolie’s $20 Million Memoir Rumor Still Not Worth a Penny

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Oooh, SO close.

Showbiz Spy almost got away with merely being curious, using a question mark to ask in a headline, “Angelina Jolie Writing Her Memoirs?”

It’s a fair question, but one Gossip Cop already answered: No, Jolie is not penning a book.

Unfortunately, it turns out that Showbiz Spy bit — hook, line and sinker — on the same National Enquirer story we busted.

Reese Witherspoon Didn’t Get Boob Job

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(Showbiz Spy)

“Reese Witherspoon Had a Boob Job?” asks Showbiz Spy, which then adds, “looks like she’s had” one.

According to the site, “The Legally Blonde actress seemed to be sporting a bigger bust while attending a benefit for The Livestrong Foundation in Hollywood” last night.

Did she really get breast augmentation?

Heat Mag is a “Slave” to Lame Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Stories

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Heat magazine has a sterling track record when it comes to reporting on Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson.

After all, the tabloid once insisted that Stewart was living a miserable “nightmare” (not so much) and printed an “exclusive” photo of Pattinson sleeping on the Tube in London (oh, wait, that was faked).

Now Heat is exploring the pair’s relationship — and has concluded that Pattinson is more like Stewart’s “slave” than her boyfriend.

CLAIM: Taylor Swift ‘Furious’ At Kanye West Over Tweets

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“Taylor Swift Desperate For Kanye West To STFU!” reads another classy headline from Showbiz Spy, which claims Swift “is furious that the rapper keeps using the controversy surrounding his outburst at last year’s MTV VMAs… to promote his new album.” Wow. So, how mad is she?

Logic Behind Kristen Stewart “Jealous” Item Collapses

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We’ve tried to follow the logic here, but it just makes us dizzy.

On Tuesday, a magazine story picked up by Showbiz Spy reported that Kristen Stewart had suffered a “breakdown” in Montreal based on her hatred of media attention.
Today, Showbiz Spy claims Stewart is jealous of Ashley Greene because Greene gets so much… media attention. Huh?

Robert Pattinson’s Supposed Elephant Accident De-Trunked

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Apparently, when Robert Pattinson isn’t dodging actual danger (courtesy of reckless paparazzi), he has to escape from peril presented by the animal kingdom.

At least that’s what one story claims.

Pattinson “almost died while shooting his new movie ‘Water for Elephants!'” cries a Showbiz Spy item based on the National Enquirer.

Bogus Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson “Breakdown”

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After a few days of invasive Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart coverage, it’s nice to see outlets getting back to good old-fashioned wrong reporting.

According to a British magazine Showbiz Spy cites, Pattinson’s recent visit to Montreal was meant to help Stewart get through a “breakdown.”

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