Iggy Azalea: “I’m Not Denying” I Got A Nose Job — SEE PHOTOS HERE

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Iggy Azalea Seventeen September 2015


Iggy Azalea is confirming for the first time that she got a nose job. See photos here.

Iggy Azalea: I Cancelled “Great Escape Tour” Because I Needed Mental Break

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Iggy Azalea cancelled tour

Iggy Azalea reveals in a new interview that she cancelled her “Great Escape Tour” because she needed a “mental break” and had a “creative change of heart.”

Justin Bieber: “I Was Disappointed In Myself” Over Past Bad Behavior

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Justin Bieber Seventeen


Justin Bieber, who said he was sorry for his bad behavior on the “Ellen DeGeneres Show” and again during his Comedy Central roast, is now taking his apology tour to the pages of the June/July Seventeen, telling its teen readership that he’s made “mistakes,” is “sorry” for letting his fans down, and that he’s “disappointed” in himself. See what else Bieber says here!

Ansel Elgort on Shailene Woodley: “I’ve Never Once Wanted Her Sexually” (PICS)

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Ansel Elgort Seventeen


Ansel Elgort covers the April issue of Seventeen, in which he opens up about girls, girls, and girls. The up-and-coming leading man dishes on everything from his ideal date to how he likes to spoil women. He also discusses what he thinks sexually of Shailene Woodley. See quotes and photos here!

Meghan Trainor Tells Seventeen: “I Haven’t Kissed A Boy In Forever” (PHOTOS)

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Meghan Tranor Seventeen


Meghan Trainor opens up about abstaining from dating, being a curvy girl in the music industry, and much more in the March issue of Seventeen. See quotes and photos from the singer’s new cover story here!

Victoria Justice Talks Boyfriend Pierson Fode In Seventeen: “It All Comes Down To Chemistry”

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Victoria Justice Boyfriend

Victoria Justice opens up about her romance with boyfriend Pierson Fode in the new Seventeen cover profile. “It all comes down to chemistry — it’s either there or it’s not. And relationships are not always easy. I’m currently in a relationship, and he’s in L.A., so it’s important to find ways to stay connected — even just playing Words With Friends and Skyping when you can,” she tells the magazine.

Ariana Grande: I Don’t Talk To My Dad

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Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande opens up about her relationship with her late grandfather — and being estranged from her dad — in the September issue of Seventeen.

Demi Lovato Shares Advice In Seventeen

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Demi Lovato gives life advice as the guest editor of August’s Seventeen.

The performer dispenses wisdom on boys, friendship and maintaining perspective, even when times are tough.

Bella Thorne: Sex Has To Be “Most Special, Beautiful Thing That Ever Happened”

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(Ben Watts/Seventeen)

Bella Thorne talks sex, body shaming, and her relationships with boyfriend Tristan Klier and co-star Zendaya in a new Seventeen cover interview. See what she says here!

Emma Stone Sounds Off On Haters and Talks Weight Struggle in Seventeen

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(Getty Images)

Emma Stone opens up to Seventeen about haters, girl power and body image in a new interview.

Of criticism, the actress says, “Sometimes it’s really easy to shrug it off and other times, things have pinched more. I think most of us are like that, right? Someone lobs a snide remark your way, and sometimes you can laugh about it, while other times you can actually feel the sting.”

Josh Hutcherson Tells Seventeen About Dating, Breakups and Jennifer Lawrence

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Josh Hutcherson tells Seventeen about falling in love and having his heart broken.

“I think getting broken up with is worse than breaking up with somebody,” the Catching Fire star explains to the magazine. “For me it hurts more when you’re ready for something to keep going and the other person isn’t.”

Modern Family Star Sarah Hyland Reveals She Had Kidney Transplant

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Sarah Hyland has revealed for the first time that she suffers from a serious kidney disease.

The “Modern Family” star has had a lifelong battle with kidney dysplasia, and opened up about her illness and recent kidney transplant in the June/July issue of Seventeen.

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