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Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was born in Texas on July 22, 1992. After her parents’ split, she remained with her mother, who was 16 years old at the time of Gomez’s birth. Her mom inspired Gomez’s interest in acting, and in 2002 she joined “Barney & Friends,” where she appeared with fellow child actor, Demi Lovato.

In 2007, Gomez’s own Disney Channel series, “Wizards of Waverly Place,” premiered, making her one of the most popular stars in her age group, alongside the likes of Miley Cyrus. The show, which won three Emmy Awards, continued through 2012. Gomez segued into music with the band Selena Gomez & The Scene, releasing its first album in 2009, with the hit “Naturally,” followed by her first major movie role in “Ramona and Beezus.” Subsequent movies included “Monte Carlo” and “Spring Breakers.”

After two additional albums with The Scene, Gomez released her first solo record, “Stars Dance,” in 2013, earning tremendous success with the single “Come and Get It.” In late 2014, she signed a new record deal with Interscope, and is working on her second solo effort, in addition to new film projects.

Best friends with Taylor Swift, Gomez went public with her relationship with Justin Bieber in 2011, and the stars have had an on-and-off romance ever since. Gomez is also a UNICEF ambassador, and has participated in a number of other charitable endeavors, including We Day. Gomez’s brand has further included a clothing line, a fragrance, and several endorsement deals.

Selena Gomez Is NOT Getting Butt Surgery To Win Back Justin Bieber, Despite Claim

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Selena Gomez Butt


Selena Gomez is not having $20,000 butt surgery, and she most assuredly would not get it for Justin Bieber, despite an absurd claim from an even more absurd webloid. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the rumor. We’re told it’s “such a stupid lie.”

Selena Gomez: Zedd Has “Beautiful Eyes”

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Selena Gomez Zedd Eyes

Selena Gomez loves Zedd’s “beautiful eyes.” The singer sang her rumored boyfriend’s praises in a new interview on Radio Disney’s “The Alli Simpson Show,” which airs Friday night.

Selena Gomez NOT On Verge Of “Rehab” Due To Justin Bieber Roast, Despite Report

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Selena Gomez Rehab

Selena Gomez is not on the verge of rehab following the Justin Bieber Comedy Central Roast, despite an outrageous new Celeb Dirty Laundry report claiming the actress-singer is “devastated” and “spiraling downward” because of jokes at her expense. Gossip Cop can bust this story, which comes from an outlet that has spread one lie after another about Gomez.

Justin Theroux “Crush” On Selena Gomez Led To Jennifer Aniston Fight?

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Selena Gomez Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston is not upset about Justin Theroux’s “creepy old man crush” on Selena Gomez, despite a ridiculous new National Enquirer story claiming the couple had a huge fight after the Vanity Fair Oscars party last month. Gossip Cop can bust the report.

Justin Bieber On Brutal Selena Gomez Roast Jokes: “It Was Whatever” (VIDEO)

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Justin Bieber Selena Gomez Roast Jokes


Justin Bieber was eviscerated at his Comedy Central Roast on Saturday, but one person who wasn’t even in attendance was also ripped to shreds: Selena Gomez. The singer-actress was a target of many of the jabs, so much so that Bieber was asked about it afterward. See video here.

HollywoodLife Blames Selena Gomez For Justin Bieber & Hailey Baldwin “Breakup”

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Justin Bieber Hailey Baldwin Breakup

Hailey Baldwin never dated Justin Bieber. She said they were not dating. He said they were not dating. There was no evidence whatsoever to contradict their denials. They were never dating. Now, HollywoodLife is trying to blame Selena Gomez for an imaginary Bieber and Baldwin “breakup.”

HollywoodLife Makes Up Selena Gomez Weight Gain For Justin Bieber Story

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Selena Gomez Wight Gain Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez’s supposed weight gain has absolutely NOTHING to do with her ex-boyfriend Justin Bieber, despite a report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this rumor, which was started by a webloid that has gotten several Bieber and Gomez stories wrong. We’re told the entire report is “ridiculous.”

Selena Gomez And Zedd Did Not Break Up Nor Did She Have Secret Paris Rendezvous With Justin Bieber, Despite Report

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Zedd Selena Gomez Justin Bieber


Selena Gomez and Zedd have not broken up nor did she fly to Paris to have a secret rendezvous with Justin Bieber, despite an utterly ridiculous and fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this story.

HollywoodLife Made Up Selena Gomez Engagement Rumor Just To Make Up More False Stories (EXCLUSIVE)

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Selena Gomez Engagement Ring


Selena Gomez is not engaged. The silver band she’s recently been spotted wearing on her left hand is not an engagement ring. No one actually thought Gomez was engaged, but HollywoodLife put the rumor out there anyway, just so the webloid could take credit for correcting it, and then use it to spark more false stories. See how they tried to manipulate the system.

Selena Gomez, Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Caught In Paparazzi Chaos Outside Paris Fashion Week Show (VIDEO)

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Selena Gomez Paparazzi Paris


Kim Kardashian, Kanye West and Selena Gomez encountered chaos outside the Louis Vuitton show during Paris Fashion Week on Wednesday. All three stars were besieged by paparazzi and fans, with cameramen knocking over barricades and falling down in the process. Watch the video here.

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