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‘The View’ Reacts: Sarah Palin Visits White House With Kid Rock, Ted Nugent (VIDEO)

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The View Sarah Palin White House


On Friday’s “The View,” the co-hosts reacted to Sarah Palin visiting the White House this week with Kid Rock and Ted Nugent. Watch the video below.

Celebrities Mock Sarah Palin, Kid Rock, And Ted Nugent’s Visit With Donald Trump At White House

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Sarah Palin Kid Rock Donald Trump Ted Nugent


Sarah PalinKid Rock, and Ted Nugent had dinner with Donald Trump on Wednesday night, as well as met with the president in the Oval Office and toured other parts of the White House, and now celebrities are mocking the visit. See Hollywood stars’ reaction to the trio’s White House trip and photos Palin posted from it.

Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Sarah Palin For Denying Climate Change (VIDEO)

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Jimmy Kimmel Sarah Palin Climate Change


Jimmy Kimmel went off on Sarah Palin on Monday night’s episode of his talk show for denying the existence of climate change. Watch the video here!

Azealia Banks Slams Sarah Palin Again After Lawsuit Threat

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azealia banks sarah palin lawsuit

Azealia Banks has slammed Sarah Palin again, this time after the former governor said she plans to sue the rapper over her Twitter comments. Find out what’s going on here.

Sarah Palin The Next “Judge Judy”?

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Sarah Palin Judge Show

Sarah Palin is looking to be the next “Judge Judy,” both a rep for the project and the proposed show’s production company confirm to Gossip Cop.

Todd Palin Update: Sarah Palin Reveals Husband Getting Bionic Parts Following Snowmobile Crash

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Todd Palin Update Health Condition

Sarah Palin provided an update on Thursday on her husband Todd Palin’s health condition following a snowmobile crash in Alaska earlier this week. The former vice presidential candidate has revealed that in order to repair his serious injuries, doctors are inserting bionic parts into him.

Sarah Palin’s Husband Todd Seriously Injured In Snowmobile Crash

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Todd Palin Snowmobile Accident

Todd Palin, the husband of Sarah Palin, was seriously injured in a snowmobile accident in Alaska on Sunday night. As a result, the former vice presidential candidate has canceled her planned Donald Trump rally in Florida on Monday.

Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump For President

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Sarah Palin Endorses Donald Trump President

Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump for president on Tuesday. The former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential nominee stands as Trump’s highest-profile political supporter to date.

Sarah Palin Spoofs ‘30 Rock’: See Her Tina Fey Impression In Parody ‘31 Rock’

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Sarah Palin 30 Rock Spoof


Sarah Palin turned the tables on her “Saturday Night Live” impersonator Tina Fey by releasing a spoof trailer for “31 Rock,” a fake TV series that parodies Fey’s former show “30 Rock.” Watch the video here!

Sarah Palin: Lena Dunham Is As Much A “Pedophile” As Josh Duggar

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sarah palin lena dunham

Sarah Palin is saying Lena Dunham is as much a “pedophile” as Josh Duggar, who it’s been revealed touched his sisters Jill and Jessa’s breasts and vaginas when they were younger. In a Facebook post on Thursday, Palin slams Dunham and the “intolerant left” media for going after Duggar, but being lenient on Dunham, who admitted in her memoir, Not That Kind Of Girl, she sexually experimented with her sister.

Sarah Palin “Couldn’t Be Happier” For Bristol’s Engagement, Shares Details Of Dakota Meyer’s Proposal

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Sarah Palin Bristol Engagement

Sarah Palin “couldn’t be happier” for her daughter Bristol Palin and future son-in-law Dakota Meyer, a decorated war veteran. On Saturday, after news broke about Bristol and Dakota’s engagement, the one-time vice presidential candidate took to Facebook to express her joy and furnish details about how the couple met and Dakota’s proposal.

Taylor Swift Did NOT Roll Eyes Because She Was Sitting Next To Sarah Palin At SNL 40th Anniversary Show, Despite Report

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Taylor Swift Sarah Palin SNL

Taylor Swift did not roll her eyes because she was sitting next to Sarah Palin at the “SNL” 40th anniversary special, despite a completely fabricated story. Gossip Cop can report that the claim is 100 percent made up, and comes from a site that seems to unethically manufacture untruths for hits.

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