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Fans React: Ryan Lochte Charged With Crime In Brazil

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Fans React Ryan Lochte Charged

Ryan Lochte was charged with a crime in Brazil on Thursday, and now fans and critics of the swimmer are reacting to the new development. See reaction tweets here.

Ryan Lochte NOT Rejected By ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Partners, Despite Report

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Ryan Lochte Dancing with the Stars


Ryan Lochte is not being rejected by potential “Dancing with the Stars” partners, despite a report from a certain webloid. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the claim.

Ryan Lochte ‘Dancing With The Stars’ Talks Confirmed

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Ryan Lochte Dancing with the Stars Talks


Ryan Lochte is in talks to join “Dancing with the Stars,” Gossip Cop confirms. Get the details here.

Late Night Hosts Joke About Ryan Lochte’s Rio Robbery Lie (VIDEO)

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Late Night Hosts Ryan Lochte Jokes


Late night hosts Jimmy Kimmel and Stephen Colbert joked about Ryan Lochte’s fake Rio robbery story on Monday night’s episodes of their talk shows. Watch video here!

Al Roker, Billy Bush Make Up After Ryan Lochte Fight (VIDEO)

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Al Roker Billy Bush Today Show Video


Al Roker and Billy Bush want everyone to know they’re “friends” in the wake of their “Today” show fight over Ryan Lochte going viral. Watch here.

Twitter Reacts: Ryan Lochte Dropped By Sponsors Speedo, Ralph Lauren

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Ryan Lochte Dropped Sponsors

Ryan Lochte is facing fall-out from his Rio “robbery” scandal with the announcement that he’s been dropped by at least two sponsors, namely Speedo and Ralph Lauren. Now fans and critics alike are reacting to the news. See Twitter reaction tweets here.

Ryan Lochte Rio “Robbery” Scandal: Fact Vs. Fiction

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Ryan Lochte Rio Robbery Scandal

Ryan Lochte’s Rio “robbery” scandal continues to spark debate, even with the Olympics closing ceremony taking place on Sunday. Since much confusion remains about what did and didn’t happen, Gossip Cop is separating fact from fiction about Lochte’s infamous international incident.

Ryan Lochte “Today” Show Video: Watch Matt Lauer Interview

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Ryan Lochte Matt Lauer Video


The final part of Ryan Lochte’s interview with Matt Lauer about his supposed Rio robbery aired on Monday’s “Today” show. Watch here.

Fans React: Ryan Lochte Lying About Rio Robbery Because He Was “Drunk” And “Immature”

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Ryan Lochte Matt Lauer Interview Fans React

Fans are reacting to Ryan Lochte telling Matt Lauer in a new interview that he lied about being robbed in Rio because he’s “immature” and was still drunk the next morning when speaking to NBC’s Billy Bush. For the most part, most of the reactions are not positive or supportive of Lochte.

Al Roker, Billy Bush Fight Over Ryan Lochte: “He Lied!” (VIDEO)

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Al Roker Billy Bush Fight Video


Al Roker and Billy Bush had an on-air fight on the “Today” show over Ryan Lochte and his robbery claims. Watch here.

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