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Russell Simmons Slams Bernie Sanders Over “Insensitivity” To Black Voters (EXCLUSIVE)

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Russell Simmons Slams Bernie Sanders

Russell Simmons slammed Bernie Sanders on Friday, backing off from his one-time endorsement of the Democratic presidential candidate. The hip-hop mogul explained that after having a personal conversation with Sanders, he’s come to believe the politician is insensitive to black voters, and blowing out of proportion his ability to help poor people.

ADL Slams Russell Simmons For Comparing Horse Carriages To Holocaust And Slavery

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Russell Simmons horse carriage holocaust slavery

Russell Simmons was slammed by the ADL (Anti-Defamation League) on Friday after he compared New York’s horse carriages to the Holocaust and slavery. While speaking at an anti-horse carriage event on Thursday, Simmons said the use of them is similar to “ethnic cleansing” and “putting people in ovens.”

Russell Simmons Defends Saying Kim Kardashian Should Be President

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Russell Simmons Kim Kardashian President

Russell Simmons is standing by his comment that Kim Kardashian would make a better president than Donald Trump.

Russell Simmons: Kim Kardashian Should Run For President, Not Donald Trump (VIDEO)

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Russell Simmons Kim Kardashian president Donald Trump


Russell Simmons says he thinks Kim Kardashian would be a better president than his longtime friend, Donald Trump. Simmons told HuffPost Live on Thursday, that even though he’s known Trump for years, he doesn’t want to see the real estate mogul win the presidential election in 2016. Watch the video here.

Russell Simmons Slams Geraldo Rivera For Blaming Black Community’s Problems On Hip-Hop

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Russell Simmons Geraldo Rivera

Russell Simmons has responded to Geraldo Rivera’s controversial comments about race, blasting Rivera’s statement that hip-hop has been more detrimental to black people than racism over the last decade.

“Harriet Tubman Sex Tape” Pulled Down By Russell Simmons: “I Am Sincerely Sorry”

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(Getty Images)

Russell Simmons has apologized for and pulled down a controversial “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape” comedy video that premiered on his All Def Digital channel on YouTube.

The clip features an actress portraying the Underground Railroad icon being filmed having sex with her “master” in 1851.

Russell Simmons Defends Chris Brown – What Do You Think?

(Getty Images)

Chris Brown’s behavior has generated a lot of attention, but one response in particular is getting buzz of its own.

In a blog post on Global Grind, Russell Simmons defends Brown, who recently stormed out of ABC after a “Good Morning America” interview veered into the topic of his assault on then-girlfriend Rihanna.

Simmons believes Brown has paid his debt to society and shouldn’t be hounded by his past. What do you think?

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