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Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson Grabs FKA Twigs’ Butt (PICS)

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Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs Butt


Robert Pattinson grabs FKA Twigs’ butt in new pictures. The couple went out for lunch on Friday in Los Angeles, and the actor was photographed with a handful of his girlfriend’s rear end. Check out the photos here.

FKA Twigs Not “Furious” With Kristen Stewart For Nip Slip, Despite Claim

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FKA Twigs Kristen Stewart


FKA Twigs is not “furious” with Kristen Stewart for having a nip slip at the Hollywood Film Awards, despite an entirely made-up story. Gossip Cop has checked with an impeccable source, who tells us the wardrobe malfunction, which was barely even detectable, is “not even on her radar.”

FKA Twigs: Robert Pattinson Relationship “Worth It” Despite “14-Year-Old” Haters

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FKA Twigs Robert Pattinson USA Today Interview

FKA Twigs is not going to let haters get in the way of her relationship with Robert Pattinson. In a new interview with USA Today, the singer says her happiness with the actor far outweighs some online negativity. See what Twigs says here!

Kristen Stewart Has Not “Sworn Off” Men, Despite Ridiculous Report

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Kristen Stewart Done With Men

Kristen Stewart has not “sworn off” men, despite a ridiculous HollywoodLife report. We will not detail here HollywoodLife’s years-long assault on facts and reality when it comes to Stewart. Calling HollywoodLife’s reporting “catastrophically bad” is an understatement. But this latest story is one of the dumbest things HollywoodLife has written about Stewart and her ex-boyfriend Robert Pattinson in recent memory.

Robert Pattinson Is Not “Smothering” FKA Twigs, Despite Report

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Robert Pattinson Smothering FKA Twigs


Robert Pattinson is not being told by his friends that he’s “smothering” FKA Twigs, despite a completely made-up story. Gossip Cop can exclusively report the claim is 100 percent not true.

HollywoodLife Shamefully Treats Robert Pattinson Fans Like Gullible Idiots

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Robert Pattinson HollywoodLife

HollywoodLife, one of the Internet’s major suppliers of nonsense, speculated earlier this week that Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs were either “engaged” or “married.” The site knew these stories were bogus when it printed them. That’s how HollywoodLife operates.

Robert Pattinson Debuts New Haircut With Shaved Back And Landing Strip – PHOTO!

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Robert Pattinson New Haircut


Robert Pattinson debuted his new haircut at the Go Go Campaign fundraiser in Beverly Hills on Thursday night, and it left more than a few wondering. The actor’s hair looked its usual tussled self from the front, but the back of his head was entirely shaved, except for one strip that could only be described as a mini-mohawk or a landing strip.

Check out a photo of the unique hairstyle here.

Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs NOT “Engaged” Or “Married,” Despite Report

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Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs Married

Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are NOT “engaged” or “married,” despite a purely speculative and entirely wrong report from HollywoodLife. Gossip Cop can confirm that the webloid, which tries to masquerade as “journalism,” has once again chosen sensationalism over fact-checking.

Robert Pattinson And FKA Twigs Party After Her Sold-Out New York Concert

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Robert Pattinson FKA Twigs New York Photos


Robert Pattinson and FKA Twigs are conquering the Big Apple.

The couple, last seen earlier this week in Toronto, arrived in New York City just in time for the weekend.

The actor and singer have been photographed out and about, often holding hands.

Check out the pics!

Kristen Stewart Is NOT Taking Break From Acting To Pursue Robert Pattinson, Despite New Report

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Kristen Stewart Robert Pattinson

The latest fabricated story involving Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart claims the actress is taking a break from acting to pursue her ex-boyfriend. The rumor is 100 percent not true, Gossip Cop is reporting.

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