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Rob Pattinson

Gossip Cop Thinks Sites Should “Audition” New Robert Pattinson Material

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Just because the calendar now says 2010, why shouldn’t outlets report “news” from 2008?

Take British OK!, for instance, which saw fit to “report” that Robert Pattinson tried out for “Twilight” “because of Kristen Stewart.”

Robert Pattinson and… Amy Winehouse?!

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We thought we might escape 2009 without any more ridiculous Robert Pattinson romance rumors.

We worried we wouldn’t have another chance to laugh and laugh and laugh…

And then we saw this.

Robert Pattinson “X Factor” “Date” Still X-Tremely Silly

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A couple of weeks ago we joked about a story that paired Robert Pattinson with “X Factor” star Lucie Jones. The rumors originated in a report claiming Pattinson’s sister had arranged a “romantic rendezvous” between 18-year-old Jones and Pattinson, her “huge fan.” Well, guess what “surprise” returns this week?

Robert Pattinson & Katy Perry (Wrong) Rumors Return

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Star magazine has flowered into the Perez Hilton of the newsstand — its material is frequently late, lifted, and wrong. Last week, blogs buzzed with rumors of “Twilight” heartthrob Robert Pattinson getting “flirty” with friend Katy Perry. Today, Star gets into the act.

Rumors of Robert Pattinson “Flirty Fun” with Katy Perry Just Ridiculous

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Mixing and matching big celebrity names in claims of romantic encounters has never been sillier than on this morning. The story making waves has Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry getting “up close and personal” last night at a mutual friend’s birthday party at Dimples Supper Club in Burbank, California. “The two superstars looked to be more than just good friends,” the site whispers in a “world exclusive” barely worth the digital code it’s printed on.

More Robert Pattinson Casting Catastrophes

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In just the past few months alone, Robert Pattinson has been thrown into the casts of “Dune,” Vauxhall Crossed,” and “Yellow Submarine,” without a single audition – or interest. The latest rumor claims “Pattinson wants to play X-Men Villain” Magneto.

Nothing “Straight” About New Bogus Robert Pattinson Interview

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For the second time in as many days, comments attributed to Robert Pattinson have created a tidal wave of (new) speculation among fans concerning his relationship status.

Setting the Record Straight on Robert Pattinson Roles

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There has been enormous speculation over the past two days about which films Robert Pattinson will do and which he will not. Gossip Cop has the scoop.

Kristen Stewart + Rob Pattinson = Not Pregnant

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We just got morning sickness reading this story about Kristen Stewart. According to NW Magazine in Australia, the same country that gave us Vegemite and “Crocodile Dundee,” “Twilight” star Kristen Stewart is pregnant with co-star Robert Pattinson’s baby. (You read that right.)

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