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Site Predicts Kate Middleton Will Die Like Princess Diana

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Kate Middleton Dead

Celeb Dirty Laundry, a bottom-feeding webloid, now implies that Kate Middleton may follow in Princess Diana’s footsteps and wind up divorced and possibly dead. The site’s new headline states, “Kate Middleton Following Princess Diana’s Life Trajectory: Do 6 Eerie Similarities Foretell a Similar Future?” It’s sick garbage, just like it sounds.

It’s Princess Diana’s Birthday: See Kate Middleton Channeling Her Looks (PICS)

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Princess Diana would have turned 53 on Tuesday.

While her sons, have inherited her heart of gold, Kate Middleton is on carrying her fashion legacy.

In honor of the People’s Princess, check out Diana’s and Kate’s lookalike fashion.

Princess Diana Death: British Police Looking Into New Information

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British authorities are once again looking into the death of Princess Diana, who died with her companion Dodi Fayed in a 1997 car crash in Paris.

On Saturday, Scotland Yard revealed that it is examining the “relevance and credibility” of new information it has received pertaining to the deaths.

Princess Diana In Previously Unseen Mystery Photo is Set For Sale

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(RR Auction)

A previously unpublished photograph of a teenage Princess Diana is going on the auction block and drawing intense speculation more than 30 years after it was taken.

Naomi Watts Talks About “High Pressure” of Playing Princess Diana (VIDEO)

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Naomi Watts appears on Tuesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show,” and the actress talked about the “high pressure” of playing Princess Diana in an upcoming project.

Check out the video here!

Naomi Watts to Play Princess Diana in Caught In Flight

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Naomi Watts has signed on to play Princess Diana in the new big screen biopic Caught In Flight.

The film, directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel, centers on the late royal’s final two years, including her personal search for happiness and evolution into a major international humanitarian.

Jessica Chastain May Play Princess Diana in New Film About Secret Romance

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It’s being rumored that Jessica Chastain will play Princess Diana in a new movie.

Caught in Flight would examine the late royal’s alleged secret affair with heart surgeon Dr. Hasnat Khan.

Prince William and Kate to Open Children’s Cancer Center in London Hospital

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Prince William is following in his mother’s footsteps.

The Duke, who’s president of London’s Royal Marsden Hospital — like Princess Diana had been — is opening a children’s cancer unit there with his wife, Kate.

On September 29, the royal couple will tour the new pediatric center, meet patients and medical personnel, and officially open the unit with a plaque.

Scary: Kate and Pippa Middleton Used as “Thinspiration” for Eating Disorders


Well, this is really disturbing.

Duchess Kate and Pippa Middleton are reportedly being used as “thinspiration” on websites promoting anorexia and bulimia.

The “pro-ana” and “pro-mia” forums use celebrities like Victoria Beckham and Mary-Kate Olsen to “inspire” women with eating disorders to lose weight, reports MSNBC.

Now the Middleton sisters have become go-to models for “thinspiration.”

Ann Coulter: Princess Diana Was “Anorexic, Bulimic Narcissist” [VIDEO]

(The Insider)


Not everyone, it seems, is as fascinated as Newsweek by Princess Diana on the occasion of what would have been her 50th birthday.

“I find it a little baffling when Americans get so gaga-eyed over a princess, and particularly Lady Di, who was just this anorexic, bulimic narcissist,” says commentator Ann Coulter in an interview with “The Insider.”

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