Hugh Hefner NOT Dead, Despite Speculation

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Hugh Hefner Not Dead

Hugh Hefner is NOT dead, despite speculation. False rumors of the Playboy founder’s death circulated on Friday, amid reports of deteriorating health.

Playboy Mansion For Sale?

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Playboy Mansion Sale

The Playboy Mansion will reportedly be put up for sale this year. Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for confirmation.

Adele Asked To Pose Nude For Playboy – Real Or Rumor?

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Adele Playboy Nude


Adele has NOT been asked to pose nude for Playboy, despite an entirely fabricated tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk this claim.

Pamela Anderson Last Nude Playboy Cover Girl — SEE PHOTO AND VIDEO!

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Pamela Anderson Last Playboy


Pamela Anderson will be the last nude cover girl for Playboy. It’s only fitting, in a way, that Anderson graces the final naked issue of the magazine since she’s appeared on the cover of Playboy more than any other playmate. See video here.

Jenny McCarthy Wants To Pose For Last Nude Playboy (AUDIO)

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Jenny McCarthy Last Nude Playboy


Jenny McCarthy announced on her radio show on Wednesday that she’s nominating herself to pose for the last-ever nude issue of Playboy. Listen here!

Kim Kardashian Last Person To Pose Nude For Playboy?

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Kim Kardashian Last Playboy


Kim Kardashian is not looking to be the last person to pose nude for Playboy, despite yet another lie from a site that’s been repeatedly caught telling fibs. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this manufactured claim.

Stars React To Playboy No Longer Publishing Nude Photos – See Celebrity Reactions

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Playboy Nude Photos

Playboy announced on Monday night that it will no longer publish photos of nude women in its magazine, beginning in 2016. The decision was made in the hopes of boosting Playboy’s declining readership, and also due to the abundance of Internet pornography that makes the magazine look tame in comparison. Now stars are reacting on Twitter to the surprising news. See celebrity reactions here!

Justin Bieber Did NOT Grab Boob Of Playboy Bunny Sarah Harris, Despite Claim

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Justin Bieber boob playboy bunny


Justin Bieber did not grab the boob of a Playboy bunny, despite a new claim that was picked up widely by a number of outlets, which decided to publish the allegation without fact-checking it first. Gossip Cop can exclusively report the incident “never happened.”

Kylie Jenner And Kim Kardashian NOT Wanted For Playboy Cover, Despite Report

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Kylie Jenner Playboy Kim Kardashian


Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian are NOT being considered for a Playboy cover, despite a new totally fabricated report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this rumor. We’re told by a Playboy source it’s a “complete lie.”

Jeremy Renner On Gay Rumors: “F*cking Say Whatever The Hell You Want About Me”

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Jeremy Renner Gay Rumors Playboy

Jeremy Renner says he’s not bothered by rumors claiming he’s gay. In fact, in the movie star’s eyes, the speculation is a sign of his success. But he says it’s also an indication that stereotypes about the gay community still need to be combatted. See his new interview here.

Josh Hartnett: Fame “Can Destroy You”

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Josh Hartnett Playboy

Josh Hartnett reflects in the new Playboy on his decision to take the path less traveled in Hollywood, having turned down some big opportunities as a young actor after shooting to stardom.

Azealia Banks Playboy Interview: “I Hate Everything” About America

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Azealia Banks Playboy cover interview


Azealia Banks talks sex, religion, race, music, her childhood and why she loves Jay Z and hates America in an all-encompassing interview with Playboy that accompanies her picture spread. The provocative singer graces the April issue of the magazine, which hits newsstands on March 20. Check out highlights inside from her interview, which is every bit as explicit as her photos for Playboy.

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