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Ewan McGregor Praised By Stars For Canceling on Piers Morgan

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ewan McGregor Piers Morgan Feudewan McGregor Piers Morgan Feud

Ewan McGregor is receiving praise from fellow celebrities for canceling an interview with Piers Morgan in the wake of the journalist’s criticism of the Women’s March. See here.

Piers Morgan Women’s March Tweets Ripped

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Piers Morgan Womvn's March Tweets

Piers Morgan is getting slammed for tweets he sent ripping the Women’s March. See the Twitter messages here.

Dalai Lama Weighs In On Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie Divorce (VIDEO)

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Dalai Lama Brad Pitt Angelina Jolie Divorce


The Dalai Lama weighed in on the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie divorce. His Holiness said the Brangelina split made him “sad.” Watch the video here!

Piers Morgan Asks Donald Trump: “Are You With The Terrorists?”

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Piers Morgan Donald Trump Terrorists

Donald Trump supporter Piers Morgan is none too pleased with the presidential candidate in the wake of the Orlando massacre, the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Find out why here.

Piers Morgan Blasts Larry Wilmore For Calling President Obama N-Word, Rips John Legend In New Column

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Piers Morgan Larry Wilmore N-Word

Piers Morgan is blasting Larry Wilmore for calling President Obama the N-word at the 2016 White House Correspondents’ Dinner. See the comments here.

Piers Morgan: Beyonce “Exploiting Mothers Of Dead” To Sell ‘Lemonade’

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Piers Morgan Beyonce Lemonade

Piers Morgan is accusing Beyonce of exploiting the mothers of Trayvon Martin and Mike Brown, two black teenagers who were shot dead in separate incidents, to sell her new album, Lemonade.

Piers Morgan: Kim Kardashian Is Killing Feminism With Nude Selfies (PHOTOS)

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Piers Morgan Kim Kardashian RIP Feminism


Piers Morgan ripped Kim Kardashian on Wednesday, not long after she shared a new nude selfie. See photos here.

Piers Morgan: Unlike President Obama, Donald Trump Has Plan To Prevent Terrorist Attacks

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Piers Morgan Donald Trump Terrorist Attacks

Piers Morgan voiced his newfound support for Donald Trump following the terrorist attacks in Brussels on Tuesday. The TV personality wrote an open letter to express his outrage, and also advocate for the Republican presidential candidate’s proposed policies to combat ISIS.

Kim Kardashian Posts New Naked Photo, Feels “Liberated”

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New Kim Kardashian nude selfie


Kim Kardashian posted another naked photo of herself early Tuesday morning, noting she felt “liberated.” The revealing black-and-white picture came on the heels of the reality star slamming back at Bette Midler, Chloe Grace Moretz and Piers Morgan, who criticized Kardashian for her nude selfie, which she shared on Monday. In the new naked shot, the reality star covers her breasts with her right arm, while her left hand hides her vagina. See the picture here.

Piers Morgan To Donald Trump: We’re Friends, But “You’re Wrong” About Muslim Ban

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Piers Morgan Donald Trump Wrong Muslim Ban

Piers Morgan penned an open letter to Donald Trump on Tuesday, insisting he has great admiration for the Republican presidential candidate, but also expressing that Trump’s proposed policy of banning all Muslims from entering the United States is simply “wrong.”

Piers Morgan Slammed: “Lamar Odom Couldn’t Keep Up With Kardashians”

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Piers Morgan Lamar Odom Kardashians

Piers Morgan is getting slammed for his new Daily Mail column about Lamar Odom, in which he blames reality television and the world of the Kardashians for the star’s health crisis. See here, and tell us what YOU think.

Siro-A “America’s Got Talent” Video: Piers Morgan Uses Golden Buzzer For Virtual Performance Group — WATCH!

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Siro-A America's Got Talent Video


Piers Morgan returned to “America’s Got Talent” on Tuesday, and used the new Golden Buzzer for Siro-A. Check out the video here!

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