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Perez Hilton

Is Michelle Rodriguez “Bad Influence” On Zac Efron?

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Should Zac Efron’s fans be worried that Michelle Rodriguez is a bad influence on him?

In the days since the stars were photographed kissing during an Italian vacation with businessman Gianluca Vacchi, certain tabloids and webloids have speculated that Rodriguez may be a destructive force for Efron, who went to rehab last year.

Lindsay Lohan NOT “Missing Rehearsals” for Speed-the-Plow, Despite Reports

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Lindsay Lohan is “royally flushing her London stage debut down the toilet,” says Perez Hilton, who claims the actress is “back to behaving badly on the set of her new theatrical gig, Speed-the-Plow.”

Picking up a story from Star, the blogger alleges Lohan has “been seen clubbing at all hours of the night, missing rehearsals and showing up unprepared on the reg!”

Get the REAL story here!

Peter Dinklage, Grumpy Cat Picture Is Fake

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Did Peter Dinklage really pose for a selfie with Grumpy Cat?

Websites went wild when a photo purportedly showing the “Game of Thrones” star with the Internet’s favorite feline appeared on Twitter and other social media.

LISTEN: Perez Hilton Sticks Finger Up Howard Stern Staffer’s Butt Live On Air

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Perez Hilton gave “Howard Stern Show” staffer Benjy Bronk a “prostate exam” on Monday’s show.

Bronk had agreed to be anally probed by the gossip blogger if he failed in a weight-loss challenge with Stern.

Dianna Agron “Mystery Man” Date Is Fake

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(Getty Images)

Dianna Agron is the subject of a bogus romance rumor thanks to Perez Hilton.

On Tuesday, the blogger posted a picture of the actress outside Cecconi’s in West Hollywood, where she allegedly had a “dinner date outing with a mystery man.”

Perez Hilton and K. Michelle At War Over Iggy Azalea In Twitter Feud

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(Getty Images)

Perez Hilton is once again feuding with a performer instead of making sure the stories he spreads aren’t completely bogus.

On Tuesday, the blogger picked a fight with R&B artist K. Michelle after she dissed Iggy Azalea on Twitter.

Miley Cyrus “Infection” NOT Caused By “Boyfriend” Mike WiLL Made It

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(Perez Hilton)

“WTF is going on with Miley Cyrus and Mike WiLL Made It??” asks Perez Hilton at the beginning of an irresponsible, sensational and off-base story.

The blogger claims the singer and the producer are feuding based on vague tweets from their mutual friend that called him “disgusting” — and goes as far as connecting it to Cyrus’ hospitalization.

Get the TRUTH here.

Miley Cyrus Hospitalization NOT Tied To Death of Dog Floyd, Despite Reports

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(Perez Hilton)


Did the death of her dog put Miley Cyrus in the hospital?

According to a number of outlets, the pop star’s hospitalization for an allergic reaction to antibiotics can be tied to the recent passing of her beloved pet Floyd.

Miley Cyrus “Ruined” 7-Year-Old Cancer Patient’s Make-A-Wish Day?!

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(Getty Images)

Miley Cyrus “RUINED” a 7-year-old cancer patient’s Make-A-Wish Foundation day, claims Perez Hilton.

The blogger notes that Cyrus recently met with Miley Hodge, who’s battling stage IV cancer, but alleges that their time together didn’t “work out the way it should have.”

What supposedly happened?

Chris Brown Did NOT Out Twitter User, Despite FALSE Perez Hilton Story

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(Perez Hilton)


Chris Brown did NOT out a Twitter user, despite a FALSE report by Perez Hilton.

On Monday, the blogger claimed Brown called the user a “derogatory gay slur” on the social media site.

But the story is 100 percent FAKE.

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