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Pattie Mallette

Pattie Mallette: I Want More Kids!

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Pattie Mallette has already given the world Justin Bieber, but she may not be finished.

On Thursday, the pop star’s mom tweeted a picture of her holding a baby (see inside), writing, “A baby looks good on me eh? (Yep still Canadian). #iwantmorekids!”

Pattie Mallette Sings For Justin Bieber At Recording Studio – WATCH VIDEO!

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Justin Bieber isn’t the only one in his family who can sing.

The singer took his mother Pattie Mallette to a recording studio on Thursday, where she stepped up to the mic for the very first time.

Check out the video below!

Pattie Mallette Wants Everyone to Pray for Justin Bieber, Says Kathie Lee Gifford

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Kathie Lee Gifford says that Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette wants everyone who cares about her troubled son to “pray for him” instead of criticizing.

See the video here, and tell us what you think.

Justin Bieber Allegedly Told Police He Took Pills Mom Pattie Mallette Gave Him

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Justin Bieber allegedly told police that his mom, Pattie Mallette, gave him the prescription drugs that were in his system when he was arrested for DUI and drag racing in Miami on Thursday.

As Gossip Cop reported, the pop star is said to have informed police that he was under the influence of marijuana, alcohol and anti-depressants at the time of his bust.

Justin Bieber’s Mom Pattie Mallette Urges Public To “Pray” For Singer?

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Justin Biebers mom Pattie Mallette did NOT tell the public to “pray” for her son, despite a FAKE story from The Sun.

Pattie Mallette Says Justin Bieber’s First Word Was “Money,” Wished “He Didn’t Have Tattoos”

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Justin Bieber’s mom, Pattie Mallette decided on Sunday night to do an impromptu “AskPattie” session on Twitter.

And she really opened up about her superstar son.

See Mallette’s responses here!

Pattie Mallette: People Think I’m ‘Oblivious’ to Son Justin Bieber’s Behavior


Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette opens up about her changing relationship with her son in a new interview with People.

Asked about the teen superstar showing more independence since turning 18 last year, the single mom acknowledges, “When your kids hit a certain age your parenting style changes and it is hard letting go.”

“His life was my life and now I’ve had to let him go a little bit and let him be independent,” continues Mallette. “It is hard to not be able to control everything that your adult child does.”

Justin Bieber Gets Mom’s Eye Tattooed on His Arm – SEE PHOTOS HERE!

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Justin Bieber is a proud mama’s boy.

The singer has taken his love for mom Pattie Mallette to a new, permanent level — by tattooing her eye on his arm.

Check it out here, and tell us what you think.

Kris Jenner: Kanye West Changes Diapers, North West Won’t Be Bullied (VIDEO)



Kris Jenner said she doesn’t think Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s daughter North West will be bullied for her interesting name on Wednesday’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

Check out what else she said here!

Pattie Mallette on Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez Status: “It Depends What Day It Is” – WATCH VIDEO!

(FOX News)


Pattie Mallette appeared on Tuesday’s “FOX & Friends” to discuss the teen version of her book Nowhere But Up, but conversation unsurprisingly turned to her son Justin Bieber.

And Selena Gomez.

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