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Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton Working Together Again?

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Kim Kardashian Paris Hilton Working Together


Are Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton working together again? New reports claim the old friends are planning to team up on a new project. Gossip Cop looked into the stories.

Paris Hilton: Donald Trump Is “Very Sweet Person” (VIDEO)

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Paris Hilton Donald Trump Video Interview


Paris Hilton had kind words for Donald Trump on Wednesday. But, she declined to say whether she’s voting for him. Watch here.

Paris Hilton’s Nose Bit By Duck While Making Short Film?

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Paris Hilton Nose Bit Duck


Was Paris Hilton bit on the nose by a duck while making a short film? Find out the truth here!

Paris Hilton Never Claimed She Made Kim Kardashian “Famous,” Despite Reports

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Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian Famous

Paris Hilton did NOT “like” a fan-made Instagram meme that says she made Kim Kardashian “famous,” despite inaccurate reports. Gossip Cop can debunk this rumor.

Paris Hilton Wishes Kim Kardashian Happy Birthday (PHOTO)

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Paris Hilton Kim Kardashian Happy Birthday


Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian may not be as close as they once were, but that’s not stopping the blonde DJ from wishing Kardashian a happy birthday. On Wednesday, Hilton took to Instagram to wish the reality TV star a happy 35th birthday, alongside a throwback photo of the old friends. Check out Hilton’s birthday wish and photo here.

Paris Hilton Suing Fake Plane Crash Pranksters For Emotional Distress

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Paris Hilton is set to sue the pranksters who were involved with her being on a plane that pretended it was about to crash over Dubai, just to get a reaction out of her. As Gossip Cop reported, Hilton was the victim of an insane prank on an Arab TV show that had the hotel heiress on a 15-minute sightseeing flight over Dubai, which suddenly began to nosedive, causing her naturally to freak out in fear for her life.

Paris Hilton Plane Crash: Star Thinks Flight Is Crashing In Awful Prank (VIDEO)

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Paris Hilton Plane Crash Video


Paris Hilton was the victim of an awful, incredibly stupid prank that was shared on YouTube Friday. In the video, Hilton is on board a flight and made to believe the plane is crashing. You can watch here, but fair warning: It’s disturbing.

Paris Hilton Debuts Sexy “High Off My Love” Music Video Featuring Birdman

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paris hilton high off my love music video


Paris Hilton debuted a music video on Friday for her new single, “High Off My Love,” featuring rapper Birdman. The sexy clip features masked, shirtless men and Hilton look-a-likes in matching platinum blonde wigs and black lingerie. Watch here!

Paris Hilton Thrills Crowd With Fake Orgasm On Stage (VIDEO)

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Paris Hilton Fake Orgasm


Do you want to see Paris Hilton fake an orgasm for an appreciative Las Vegas crowd? Of course you do. Watch the video below.

Paris Hilton Fan Gives Cadillac As Gift, Then Smashes Car’s Windows

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Paris Hilton Cadillac

Paris Hilton seems to have a fan who’s not only obsessed with her, but also has the money to spend on expensive gifts like a vintage Cadillac. On Sunday, a man named Johnny sneaked onto Hilton’s Beverly Hills property and tried to give her a red Cadillac as a present, but the hotel heiress refused.

Conrad Hilton, Paris’ Brother, Arrested For CRAZY Violent Plane Outburst: “I Will F*cking Own” & “Kill” All You “Peasants”

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Conrad Hilton Arrested Plane

Conrad Hilton, younger brother of Paris Hilton, has been arrested in connection with a violent outburst on an airplane. During a flight from London to Los Angeles last July, Hilton allegedly went crazy and began threatening flight attendants and punching the plane, eventually being restrained and handcuffed in his seat.

Paris Hilton Target Of Death Threats From Scary, Confused Anti-Semitic Creep

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Paris Hilton Stalker

Paris Hilton is receiving death threats from an anti-Semitic lunatic who mistakenly believes the hotel heiress is Jewish and has repeatedly made violent threats against Hilton and her father Rick. The unidentified creep is now the target of a police investigation.

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