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These 9 Rumors Were Totally, Awfully Wrong in August — See Worst Offenders!

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Star Magazine Gossip

There was a major shakeup in the gossip world during the month of August, but Gossip Cop can’t say it was a good one.

Star was pushed from its perch as our worst offender, ceding the dishonorable title to OK!.

But for the first time ever, HollywoodLife cracked the top three on our tabloid scorecard.

See here!

Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell Already At “War” On The View Set?

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Rosie ODonnell Whoopi Goldberg The View Fights

“Whoopi & Rosie Already At War!” reads the headline of an OK! story that claims Whoopi Goldberg and Rosie O’Donnell are “already at each other’s throats” — even though the new season of “The View” hasn’t even started yet.

For real?

Jessica Simpson Refuses To Take Photos With Diana Ross At Sister Ashlee’s Wedding?

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Jessica Simpson Diana Ross Wedding


“Jessica & Diana Wedding Face-Off!” reads the headline of an OK! story that claims Jessica Simpson is refusing to be photographed with Diana Ross when her sister Ashlee Simpson weds the legendary singer’s son Evan Ross.”

For real?

Christina Aguilera NOT Doing Playboy

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Christina Aguilera Naked Playboy

Christina Aguilera is “on a mission to become one hot mama” after giving birth to daughter Summer Rain, reports OK! magazine.

According to the tabloid, the singer “plans to lose 40 lbs. in four months” and “has a secret incentive for snapping back into shape.”

What’s that?

OK! Body Shames Jessica Simpson, Slams Star For Looking “Unfeminine”

Truth rating: 1
Jessica Simpson Workout Routine


“The wedding may be over and the pregnancy pounds long gone, but when it comes to slimming down — or buffing up — Jessica Simpson is showing no signs of slowing down,” claims OK!.

The magazine writes that “while the singer-turned-entrepreneur should be applauded for reaching her goal weight, friends are starting to worry that she’s taking her workouts too far.”


Carey Mulligan and Marcus Mumford NOT “Headed For Split,” Despite Tabloid Claim

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Carey Mulligan Marcus Mumford Split


“Carey & Marcus On The Rocks” reads the headline of an OK! story that claims Carey Mulligan and her husband of two years Marcus Mumford are “headed for a split.”

Say what?!

Rihanna and Eminem Having “No-Strings-Attached” Sex Claim Is False!

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Rihanna Eminem Hooking Up


Rihanna & Eminem On-Tour Hookups!” blares the headline of an OK! story that claims the two singers have “started sleeping together in a no-strings-attached, cross-country affair” while on their “Monster” tour this summer.

For real?

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez Marriage “Falling Apart,” Claims Magazine

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(Getty Images)


Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez’s marriage is “falling apart,” says OK!, which claims “career friction seems to be a major reason.”

For real?

Jessica Simpson “Replacing Her Food With Alcohol,” Claims Tab

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Jessica Simpson Champagne Breakfast


“Jessica: Booze For Breakfast,” reads the headline of an OK! story that claims Jessica Simpson is now “replacing her food intake with alcohol.”

For real?

Kim Kardashian Secret Plastic Surgery?

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Kim Kardashian Fat


Kim Kardashian is “secretly planning” $100,000 in cosmetic procedures to get her body back, claims the new OK! cover story.

According to the tabloid, the reality star’s recent tweets about wanting to shed some weight indicate that she’ll be “going to extremes in hopes of turning back the clock.”

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