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Miley Cyrus: Donald Trump “Loved” My Raunchy VMAs Performance

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Miley Cyrus Donald Trump VMAs

Miley Cyrus is revealing that Donald Trump, the potential future President of the United States, “loved” her infamous raunchy 2013 VMAs performance. Get the details here!

Miley Cyrus Slams Nicki Minaj For Starting “Pop Star Against Pop Star War”

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Miley Cyrus Slams Nicki Minaj VMAs

Miley Cyrus is slamming Nicki Minaj for starting a “pop star against pop star war” when she feuded with Taylor Swift over the MTV Video Music Awards. See Cyrus’ points here, and tell us what you think.

Jennifer Lawrence And Amy Schumer Co-Writing Screenplay To Star As Sisters

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Jennifer Lawrence Screenplay Amy Schumer Movie

Jennifer Lawrence and Amy Schumer are co-writing a screenplay for which they’ll star as sisters. Get the details here!

Justin Bieber: You Can Hear “Hardships” In My Voice (VIDEO)

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Justin Beber Where Are U Now New York Times Video


Justin Bieber is revealing “hardships” inspired his mournful vocals on “Where Are U Now.” Watch video.

Kris Jenner: Kardashians Are NOT “Greedy,” Kim’s Sex Tape Was “Smaller Seed Than People Think”

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Kris Jenner Greedy New York Times Interview

Kris Jenner addresses some common criticisms of the Kardashians in a New York Times Magazine profile, responding to claims that the family is “greedy” and she is “controlling.” See what Jenner says here, and tell us what you think.

Nick Loeb: Sofia Vergara Is “Killing” Our Embryos By Keeping Them Frozen

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Sofia Vergara Nick Loeb Op-Ed

Sofia Vergara’s ex-fiancée Nick Loeb speaks out about his lawsuit to save the former couple’s frozen embryos in an op-ed published in Thursday’s New York Times, in which he accuses the actress of “killing” their fertilized eggs. See what he says here, and tell us what you think.

David Letterman: The New Late Show Host Should Have Been A Woman

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David Letterman Late Show Host

David Letterman is admitting that Stephen Colbert was not his first choice to replace him on the “Late Show,” and says he believes that a woman should’ve been selected as the new host. See his new interview, and tell us what you think.

Kanye West: “I’m Not A Celebrity, I’m An Activist”

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Kanye West New York Times

Kanye West tells The New York Times he had to barge his way into the fashion world, because otherwise, the community would ignore him. “I one hundred percent had to scream,” he tells the outlet. “I tried it every other way.”

WATCH: James Franco And Zachary Quinto Kiss In New York Times Sundance Video

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James Franco Zachary Quinto Kissing Video


James Franco and Zachary Quinto kiss in a New York Times video filmed at the Sundance Film Festival. Watch here.

Jennifer Aniston: My “First Love” Died, “Would Have Been The One”

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Jennifer Aniston Dead Boyfriend

Jennifer Aniston refers to the tragic death of her “first love” in a revealing New York Times interview in which she talks about trying to shed the legacy of “Friends” and the problems facing women in Hollywood.

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