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Michael J. Fox NOT “Preparing To Die,” Despite Report

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Michael J Fox Dying

Michael J. Fox is NOT “preparing to die,” despite a disgusting and false tabloid report. The actor himself has refuted the claim, calling the story “disturbing and total B.S.”

Michael J. Fox Sues Laboratory: You Left Fridge Open — And DESTROYED Our Parkinson’s Disease Research!

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Michael J Fox Foundation Lawsuit

The Michael J. Fox Foundation is suing a laboratory in New Jersey for allegedly ruining thousands of medical samples and consequently devastating their Parkinson’s disease research project.

According to a lawsuit filed on Friday, the Coriell Institute for Medical Research — a nonprofit, independent facility — was housing more than 25,000 specimens for a study.

That is, until they were destroyed.

Get the awful details here.

Michael J. Fox: I’m “Stunned” at Robin Williams’ Parkinson’s Disease Revelation

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Robin Williams Michael J Fox Parkinson's Disease


Michael J. Fox says he’s shocked that Robin Williams was secretly battling with Parkinson’s Disease.

As Gossip Cop reported, Williams’ widow Susan Schneider made the revelation on Thursday, announcing that the actor was in the “early stages” of the debilitating ailment.

See Fox’s statement here.

The Michael J. Fox Show Canceled

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Michael J. Fox’s big TV comeback has met a premature end.

After middling ratings, NBC has pulled “The Michael J. Fox Show” from the schedule, with no air dates set for its remaining episodes.

Get the details here.

E! News Thinks Michael J. Fox Parkinson’s Disease Is “Fun Fact” at Golden Globes

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We’re not really sure what E! News was thinking with this “Fun Fact” about Michael J. Fox during its Golden Globes red carpet coverage on Sunday.

Michael J. Fox Tells Howard Stern About Drinking to Deal with Parkinson’s (VIDEO)

(Howard TV)


Michael J. Fox turned to alcohol after he was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and felt “helpless.”

In a Wednesday appearance on Howard Stern’s show, the actor talked about how he coped with his life-altering health condition.

WATCH: The Michael J. Fox Show First Look Video



Michael J. Fox makes his big return to primetime television this fall with a new NBC sitcom.

Get your first look here!

Michael J. Fox on Parkinson’s In Life and New Show: “Sometimes It’s Funny”

(Getty Images)

Michael J. Fox says that Parkinson’s disease itself will not define his upcoming comeback TV show, although it certainly helps to shape his character.

The veteran actor is gearing up for “The Michael J. Fox Show,” on which he plays a local newscaster (with Parkinson’s) who decides to return to work after years away from the job.

At the Television Critics’ Association summer press tour on Saturday, Fox explained how the disease that afflicts him — and his character — will play a role on the new series.

Taylor Swift on Michael J. Fox: “We Are Good”

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All is well: Taylor Swift and Michael J. Fox are cool with each other!

As Gossip Cop reported, after Tina Fey made a crack at Golden Globes about the singer dating Fox’s son Sam, the iconic actor was asked what he thought about the idea.

“No. No… Just back off,” Fox replied, citing Swift’s propensity for writing songs about her exes.

So what’s the latest?

Michael J. Fox: I Do NOT Want Taylor Swift to Date My Son


Taylor Swift is never ever watching Michael J. Foxs new sitcom.

After Tina Fey made a crack at the Golden Globes about the singer dating Fox’s son, the actor was asked what he thought about the idea.

He wasn’t too keen on it.

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