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MAG: Kristen Stewart Led “Twisted Double Life” of Serial Cheating on Robert Pattinson

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Kristen Stewart has led a “twisted double life,” claims OK! magazine, whose previous cover stories on the actress have sometimes read like unintentional parody.

The tabloid now claims Stewart was a “serial cheater” and “trampire”¬†whose summer indiscretion with Rupert Sanders was not isolated, and who “conned” Robert Pattinson into taking her back.

A so-called “insider” explains, “The sad truth is, Kristen has been unfaithful to Rob since day one — it’s actually a surprise to a lot of her friends that it took so long for her to get caught.”

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart “Intimate Tell-All” Bombshell is Total Dud

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According to OK! magazine, an “Intimate Tell-All” about Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson is about to “expose their secretive romance.”

The tabloid’s cover promises to reveal the “shocking new interview that has everyone talking,” and to get into the couple’s “wild sex life.”


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