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Jordin Sparks Did NOT Get Boob Job, Despite Breast Implants Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Jordin Sparks Boob Job Breast Implants


Jordin Sparks did NOT get a boob job, despite a report from a website that is openly mocked by celebrities. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct the story.

Kanye West NOT Releasing New Album “Swish” On iTunes As Diss To Jay Z’s Tidal, Despite Claim

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Kanye West Swish Jay Z


Kanye West is NOT dissing Jay Z by releasing his next album “Swish” on iTunes instead of Tidal, despite yet another completely inaccurate webloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the rumor. We’re told there is absolutely no truth to the claim.

Kim Kardashian, Kanye West Celebrate First Wedding Anniversary After Gossip Cop Corrects 20 Divorce Rumors

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Kim Kardashian Kanye West Divorce Rumors

Sunday marks Kim Kardashian and Kanye West‘s first wedding anniversary. While the news isn’t shocking to Gossip Cop, those who only read the tabloids might be surprised. Over the last year, the rumor mill has spread 20 false divorce stories about Kardashian and West. And Gossip Cop has accurately corrected each and every one.

Chris Brown Is NOT Dating “Alec Baldwin’s Daughter” Hailey Baldwin, Despite Report

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Chris Brown Dating Hailey Baldwin

Chris Brown is NOT dating “Alec Baldwin’s daughter Hailey.” Gossip Cop can debunk this laughably wrong story. For starters, Hailey Baldwin is NOT Alec Baldwin’s “daughter.”

Justin Bieber NOT “Officially” Dating Jayde Pierce, Despite Reports (EXCLUSIVE)

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Justin Bieber Jayden Pierce Officially Dating


Justin Bieber is NOT “officially” dating Jayden Pierce, despite reports. Rumors went into overdrive this week after the superstar was spotted with the model, but Gossip Cop can exclusively debunk the stories.

Kanye West Has NOT Left Roc Nation For New Manager Kris Jenner, Despite Report

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Kanye West Kris Jenner New Manager


Kanye West has not left Roc Nation to be managed by Kris Jenner, despite a new report that laughably claims to have a “world exclusive.” Gossip Cop can report in a real exclusive that it’s 100 percent wrong. We’re told West is still with Roc Nation.

Kim Kardashian Was NOT Wearing A Wig At Book Signing, Despite Claim

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Kim Kardashian wig book signing


Kim Kardashian was NOT wearing a “lacefront wig” at her Barnes & Noble book signing in New York on Tuesday, despite a ridiculous new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this rumor, which was started by a webloid that has a reputation for inventing stories about the Kardashian family. We’re told the story is faker than a wig.

Lisa Bonet And Lenny Kravitz NOT “Back Together,” Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Lenny Kravitz Lisa Bonet Back Together Met Gala


Lisa Bonet and Lenny Kravitz are NOT “back together,” despite a completely false report that emerged after the exes attended the Met Gala together on Monday. A rep for Bonet tells Gossip Cop exclusively that the story is “100 percent untrue.” Find out more here.

Bruce Jenner Vagina Photo: FAKE Gender Reassignment Surgery Picture Shamefully, Irresponsibly Posted By MediaTakeOut

Bruce Jenner Vagina MediaTakeOut


Just when Gossip Cop thought certain outlets’ coverage of Bruce Jenner’s transition couldn’t stoop any lower, MediaTakeOut went ahead and posted a FAKE vagina photo from the star’s supposed gender reassignment surgery.

Janet Jackson Nude Photos: Outlets Shamefully Post Alleged Invasive Naked Pictures

Janet Jackson Nude Photos

Alleged nude photos of Janet Jackson, apparently taken by paparazzi in a gross invasion of privacy, surfaced on MediaTakeOut and other disreputable sites on Friday. While the explicit pictures have not been confirmed as Jackson, they appear to be from a batch of images of the singer that have circulated for years, and they represent yet another example of a celebrity’s private space being violated by photographers during a week which saw Bruce Jenner victimized by similar tactics.

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