Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson: Johnny Depp Was “Crucified”

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Marilyn Manson Johnny Depp Crucified

Marilyn Manson says Johnny Depp was “crucified” during his contentious divorce from Amber Heard. Check out the interview here.

Madonna Responds To Marilyn Manson Saying He Wants to “Fornicate With Her”

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Madonna Marilyn Manson sex


Madonna has responded to Marilyn Manson’s offer to have sex, and she doesn’t seem to be on board with it.

Marilyn Manson: I Did NOT Start Denny’s Fight, And I’m Suing My Attacker

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Marilyn Manson Dennys

Marilyn Manson says he did NOT start the late-night fight at a Denny’s in Canada that led to him getting punched in the face over the weekend. The rocker is planning to sue his alleged attacker, whom Manson claims struck him for no reason.

Marilyn Manson Allegedly Punched In Face At Denny’s After Insulting Man’s Girlfriend

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Marilyn Manson Punched Denn

Marilyn Manson was allegedly punched in the face at a Denny’s in Canada over the weekend after supposedly insulting his assailant’s girlfriend. The rocker reportedly got into the altercation when he stopped for some late-night dining after performing at a concert in Alberta.

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