Louis C.K.

Louis C.K., Kevin Hart ‘Today’ Show Interview On ‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ (VIDEO)

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Louis CK Kevin Hart Today Show Interview


Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart appeared on Monday’s “Today” show to discuss their new animated movie, The Secret Life of Pets, what they admire about each other’s stand-up comedy and more. Watch the full interview here!

Louis C.K. On ‘Howard Stern’: My New Show Put Me Millions In Debt (AUDIO)

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Louis CK Howard Stern Show 2016


Louis C.K. revealed on Monday’s “Howard Stern Show” that his new web series, “Horace and Pete,” has put him millions of dollars in debt. Listen to audio from the interview here!

Louis C.K. On Donald Trump: “The Guy Is Hitler”

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Louis CK Donald Trumpp Hitler

Louis C.K. compares Donald Trump to Hitler in a lengthy email to supporters of his new webseries, “Horace and Pete.” Read the letter here.

Louis C.K. Child Molester: Did Pedophile Jokes In SNL Monologue Go Too Far?

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Louis CK Pedophile Child Molesters SNL Controversy


Louis C.K. is under fire for his controversial “Saturday Night Live” monologue, in which he cracked jokes about child molesters and pedophiles. See video here, and tell us what you think.

Louis C.K. Jokes About Being “Mildly Racist” And “Child Molesters” During SNL Monologue (VIDEO)

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Louis CK SNL Monologue


Louis C.K. opened his “SNL” monologue by saying he was honored to be the host of the 40th season finale. He then said he was raised in the 1970s, and so he’s “mildly racist” and gave examples of it. The comedian next segued into how his daughters fight all the time like “Israel and Palestine,” before calling them “selfish little bitches.” From there, Louis C.K. went into a bit about “child molesters” and Mounds bars. Watch the video here!

Louis C.K. Explains Why He Hates Twitter And Quit (LISTEN)

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Louis CK Twitter


Louis C.K. hates Twitter. The comedian and TV star appeared on “Opie and Jim Norton” this week, and he revealed that he stopped tweeting because it was making him feel terrible. Listen to his interview here.

Joan Rivers Tells Louis C.K., “What We Do Is A Calling” In Louie Cameo (VIDEO)

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Joan Rivers Died Cameo Louis CK Louie


Joan Rivers, who died on Thursday at 81, left behind a half-century’s worth of jokes and a comedic legacy that will continue to live on. The ground-breaking comedian never stopped working, and her constant energy inspired many, including Louis C.K.

Louis C.K.: Jimmy Fallon Has “Totally Changed” The Feeling Of Late Night

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Louis C.K. thinks Jimmy Fallon has “totally changed” late night television.

Bradley Cooper Proves Louis C.K. Wrong In Most Amazing Way (VIDEO)

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(Getty Images)


Bradley Cooper proved Louis C.K. wrong — and the results are amazing and hilarious.

Check out the video here!

Louis C.K. and Jerry Seinfeld Go Yachting, Talk Getting Stoned – WATCH VIDEO!

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(Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee)


Louis C.K. appears on the season three premiere of Jerry Seinfelds web series “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.”

Check out the hilarious episode here!

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