Lil Wayne

Fans React: Lil Wayne Retiring?

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Lil Wayne Retiring

Lil Wayne suggested he may be retiring from music, and now fans are reacting to the possibility. See reaction tweets here.

Lil Wayne Accused Of Punching Bouncer At BET Awards After Party

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Lil Wayne Punched Bouncer Assault

Lil Wayne has been accused of assaulting a bouncer on Sunday at Hyde Nightclub in Los Angeles at a BET Awards after-party. The doorman claims the rapper punched him in the face after denying entry to members of his entourage.

Lil Wayne Seizures: Plane Twice Emergency Lands In Omaha

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Lil Wayne Seizure 2016

Lil Wayne suffered two seizures on Monday. Both resulted in his private jet having to make emergency landings in Omaha. Find out more here about his condition.

Lil Wayne Tour Bus Shooter Jimmy Carlton Winfrey Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

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Lil Wayne Bus Shooter Sentence Prison

Jimmy Carlton Winfrey, the man who shot at Lil Wayne’s tour bus in April, was sentenced on Friday to 10 years in prison, Gossip Cop has confirmed. He will serve an additional 10 years on probation upon his release.

Christina Milian And Sisters Beat Up Lil Wayne’s Alleged Lover – Real Or Rumor?

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Christina Milian Beat Up Lil Wayne Girlfriend Sylver


Christina Milian and her sisters did NOT beat up model-rapper Sylver, the woman with whom Lil Wayne allegedly cheated on Milian while they were dating, despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust this story.

Lil Wayne Miami Home Raided By Police, Property Seized

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Lil Wayne Police Invade Home

Lil Wayne’s Miami Beach mansion was swarmed by the police on Tuesday. The cops arrived to seize some of the rapper’s property because he had not paid the $2 million he owes to the jet leasing company, Signature Group.

Lil Wayne Sex Tape Leak: Lawyers Demand Video Be Taken Down

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Lil Wayne Sex Tape Leak

Lil Wayne’s sex tape leaked online earlier this week, and now his lawyers are demanding it be taken down. Find out more here.

Lil Wayne Sex Tape Being Shopped

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Lil Wayne Sex Tape

A sex tape featuring Lil Wayne is being shopped to porn companies. Find out more here.

Christina Milian And Lil Wayne Split

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Christina Milian Split Lil Wayne

Christina Milian and Lil Wayne have split after about a year of dating. Get all the details here.

Birdman Suing Jay Z And Tidal For Allegedly Illegal Streaming Of Lil Wayne Music

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Birdman Suing Jay Z Lil Wayne

Birdman is suing Jay Z to the tune of $50 million, claiming his company Tidal is illegally streaming songs from Lil Wayne’s “FWA” album. Birdman’s company, Cash Money, says it owns the rights to all the “FWA” tracks, as well as Wayne’s music in general.

Birdman And Young Thug NOT “Indicted In A Conspiracy To Kill Lil Wayne,” Despite Inaccurate Report

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Birdman Young Thug Lil Wayne

Birdman and Young Thug were NOT “indicted in a conspiracy to kill Lil Wayne,” despite a sloppy, wholly inaccurate, and possibly libelous report from one of the tabloids. The two were simply mentioned in the indictment of someone else. Us Weekly, in it’s rush to take another outlet’s reporting, made that glaring mistake. And it’s a big one, because there’s a HUGE difference between being indicted and charged with conspiracy to kill someone, in this case Lil Wayne, and just being mentioned by name in the indictment of the actual person who was charged with attempted murder.

Birdman Throws Drink At Lil Wayne In Miami Nightclub (VIDEO)

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Birdman Drink Lil Wayne


Lil Wayne and Birdman’s ongoing dispute escalated on Sunday night at LIV nightclub in Miami, where the latter allegedly threw a drink at Weezy while he was performing onstage. See the video here.

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