Liberty Ross

Liberty Ross Marries Jimmy Iovine

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Liberty Ross married Jimmy Iovine

Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine are married. The couple tied the knot on Sunday in Beverly Hills before a star-studded guest list.

Liberty Ross And Jimmy Iovine Engaged

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Liberty Ross Jimmy Iovine Engaged

Liberty Ross and Jimmy Iovine are engaged. A rep has confirmed the news. Find out more here!

Liberty Ross: I Forgive Kristen Stewart and Rupert Sanders For Affair

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Liberty Ross Forgives

Liberty Ross has opened up about her ex-husband Rupert Sandersheadline-making affair with Kristen Stewart — and says there are no hard feelings.

Liberty Ross Scores Big As Rupert Sanders Divorce Finalized

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Liberty Ross Rupert Sanders Divorce

Liberty Ross and Rupert Sanders are officially divorced.

The former couple’s split has been finalized, reports TMZ, with Ross and Sanders getting joint custody of their children Tennyson and Skyla.

Rupert Sanders Pays Liberty Ross “Guilt Money” In Reported Divorce Settlement

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(Getty Images)

Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross have settled their divorce.

Their split came after Sanders was caught cheating with Kristen Stewart, whom he directed in Snow White and the Huntsman.

Liberty Ross Talks Rupert Sanders and Kristen Stewart Affair: “It Was Horrible”

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(Getty Images)

Liberty Ross opens up about her husband Rupert Sanders’ affair with Kristen Stewart in the new Vanity Fair.

“It was horrible,” the model turned actress tells the magazine. “It was really the worst, really the worst.”

CLAIM: Kristen Stewart Going Bald Due to Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross

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(Getty Images)

Kristen Stewart is “losing her hair” because of Rupert Sanders, claims OK! magazine.

The tabloid, which has always had a “reality” problem when it comes to the actress, has stopped publishing false rumors involving her and Riley Keough or Michael Pitt long enough to pick up a completely different bogus narrative — the fake story about Stewart supposedly going bald.

And OK! has somehow tied that non-story into its continuing facts-free coverage of Stewart and Sanders.

TAB: Kristen Stewart “Bombarding” Robert Pattinson With Calls on Valentine’s Day

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(The Sun)

Kristen Stewart was unsuccessfully “bombarding” Robert Pattinson with calls on Valentine’s Day, while he’s been “consoling Liberty Ross as she goes through divorce” is the premise of new article from The Sun.

Is it true?

Liberty Ross Explains She’s “Listening to Her Heart” After Rupert Sanders Breakup


Liberty Ross, who recently filed for divorce from Rupert Sanders after his fling with Kristen Stewart, explains she’s “listening to [her] heart.”

While sitting in the front row of the Alexander Wang show at New York Fashion Week on Saturday, the model and actress told the Associated Press that she’s now laying low and “keeping [her] head down.”

Kristen Stewart Hooking Up With Rupert Sanders While Robert Pattinson’s Away?

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(Getty Images)

“With boyfriend Robert Pattinson an ocean away, Kristen Stewart faces temptation with Rupert Sanders,” claims In Touch in a story as predictable as it is predictably wrong.

The tabloid notes that Liberty Ross filed for divorce from Sanders last month, and speculates that the news “immediately stirred up those old feelings of distrust” Pattinson has about Stewart, because she and Sanders both happen to be in Los Angeles right now.

“Rob’s friends are warning him that she cheated once, so what’s stopping her from doing it again?” a “friend” tells In Touch.

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