Liam Neeson

Liev Schreiber Jealous Of Naomi Watts, Liam Neeson?

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Liev Schreiber Jealous Naomi Watts Liam Neeson Dating

Liev Schreiber is NOT jealous of Naomi Watts and Liam Neeson’s alleged romance, despite a manufactured report. Gossip Cop can bust this claim.

Naomi Watts, Liam Neeson NOT Dating, Despite Late And Wrong Report

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Naomi Watts Liam Neeson Dating Couple

Naomi Watts is NOT dating Liam Neeson, despite yet another inaccurate report. Gossip Cop can debunk this claim.

Naomi Watts, Liam Neeson NOT Dating, Despite Report

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Naomi Watts Liam Neeson Dating


Naomi Watts and Liam Neeson are NOT dating, despite a tabloid report. Gossip Cop can correct the false story.

REP: Liam Neeson Does NOT Have “Incredibly Famous” Girlfriend, Despite Reports

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Liam Neeson Famous Girlfriend

Liam Neeson does NOT have an “incredibly famous” girlfriend, despite several inaccurate reports. Gossip Cop can correct this rumor.

Liam Neeson NOT Dating Kristen Stewart, Despite Reports

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Liam Neeson Kristen Stewart Dating


Liam Neeson is not dating Kristen Stewart, despite speculation. Gossip Cop can exclusively put this rumor to rest.

Maggie Grace: Liam Neeson Prank Called My Ex-Boyfriend As His ‘Taken’ Character – WATCH VIDEO!

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Maggie Grace Liam Neeson Prank Conan


Maggie Grace revealed on Thursday’s “Conan” how her Taken co-star Liam Neeson once prank called her ex-boyfriend and threatened him in the voice of Bryan Mills, his character in the film franchise. She even played the actual prank call on the late night show. Check out the hilarious video here!

VIDEO: Liam Neeson & Jimmy Fallon Have Most Intense Arm Wrestling Match Ever

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Jimmy Fallon Liam Neeson Arm Wrestling


Jimmy Fallon arm wrestled Liam Neeson on Wednesday’s “Tonight Show.” It was intense. It was manly. It was strange. Check out the video here!

WATCH: Liam Neeson Sucks On Helium While Playing “Fun With He-LIAM”

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Liam Neeson Helium Ballon Watch What Happens Live


Liam Neeson altered his famous voice with hits of helium in order to play a hilarious game titled “Fun With He-LIAM” on Thursday’s “Watch What Happens Live.”

Check out the funny video here!

Liam Neeson’s Nephew Suffers Serious Head Injury After Fall

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Liam Neeson’s nephew Ronan Sexton sustained a serious head injury after falling 20 feet from a telephone box in Brighton, East Sussex in the U.K. According to reports, the 31-year-old was rushed to a hospital following the accident and is in “critical condition.” Sexton is the son of Neeson’s sister Bernadette.

Liam Neeson’s Biggest Fear As Parent: “F*cking Drugs — It’s A Virus”

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Liam Neeson talks about his fears as a single parent, his dream co-star, and Woody Allen in a new GQ cover interview.

Asked what he’s most proud of as a father of teenage boys, the actor tells the magazine, “I think they do know that I’ll always be there, no matter what happens.”

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