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Sandra Bullock Tops Highest Earning Actress List


While it was a tough year personally for Sandra Bullock, it was a BIG year for her purse.

Bullock, who starred in The Blind Side and The Proposal and walked away with an Oscar (for the former), earned a whopping $56 million between June 2009 and June 2010, making her the highest earning actress, according to Forbes. Who else made the Forbes list?

Adam Sandler Beats Tom Cruise but ‘Toy Story 3′ Still on Top



UPDATED: It was a big weekend for toys and overgrown boys.

According to estimates, “Toy Story 3″ once again wins the weekend box office, earning $59 million to take the top spot.

Meanwhile, Adam Sandler scored with yet another big summer opener. His film, “Grown Ups,” also starring Kevin James and Chris Rock, made $41 million to secure the #2 spot.

CLAIM: Tom Cruise Wants Katie Holmes To Get Botox

Truth rating: 0

In Touch reports that Tom Cruise is concerned his 31-year-old wife, Katie Holmes, looks too old.

“The stress of married life has taken a toll on Katie’s looks,” notes the tab, adding that while Holmes was “once fresh-faced,” she “now appears weathered and more wrinkled — and Tom is encouraging her to do something about it.”

Like what?

Bulls attack people on set of Tom Cruise & Cameron Diaz film

Truth rating: 10

Two women were injured today in Cadiz, Spain, where seven bulls escaped from the set of Tom Cruise and Cameron Diaz’s film “Knight & Day.”

Cameron Diaz is the Victim of Two Tabloid Viruses

Truth rating: 0

If you paid attention to the tabloids this week, you’d think Cameron Diaz has been busy getting frisky in the “Creek” and treating germs like a “freak.”

Katie was not begged by parents to come Holmes

Truth rating: 1

“Katie’s parents beg her: Come home” is the title of an In Touch article that claims Katie Holmes’ mom is “worried that Katie may be depressed or lonely.” But why is she reportedly in need of a “boost?”

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