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Kim Kardashian Says Jordan Clarkson “Not Famous Enough” To Date Kendall Jenner?

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Kim Kardshian Jordan Clarkson Famous Kendall Jenner


Does Kim Kardashian have a problem with Kendall Jenner and Jordan Clarkson’s romance? A report published Wednesday claims the reality star doesn’t think the NBA player is “famous enough” to date her sister. Gossip Cop looked into the allegation, and here’s what we found out.

Kendall Jenner Responds To Stephanie Seymour “Real Supermodel” Diss

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Kendall Jenner Stephanie Seymour Supermodels

Kendall Jenner responded on Thursday to former supermodel Stephanie Seymour saying that she and Gigi Hadid weren’t real supermodels, but rather “bitches of the moment.” In a blog post on her official app, Jenner revealed her thoughts about the “supermodel debate.”

Kendall Jenner Banned Solid Foods, Only Eats Liquids?

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Kendall Jenner Banned Solid Foods

Has Kendall Jenner banned solid foods? A report surfaced online Tuesday claiming the model is only eating liquids. Gossip Cop can deliver the real dish.

Leonardo DiCaprio Hooking Up With Kendall Jenner Story NOT True

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Leonardo DiCaprio Hooking Up Kendall Jenner


Leonardo DiCaprio and Kendall Jenner are NOT hooking up, despite a report claiming something went down between them at the Cannes Film Festival last month. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the story.

Scott Disick “Bizarre Love Triangle” With Kendall And Kylie Jenner?

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Scott Disick Love Triangle Kendall Kylie Jenner

Scott Disick is NOT in a “bizarre love triangle” with Kendall and Kylie Jenner, despite a new tabloid cover story. Gossip Cop can bust the report.

Scott Disick, Kendall Jenner “Secret Romance” Claim NOT True

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Kylie Jenner Scott Disick

Kendall Jenner and Scott Disick are not in a “secret romance,” despite a new tabloid report. Gossip Cop can bust this absurd claim.

Kendall Jenner: I Have Bieber Fever!

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Kendall Jenner Bieber Fever

Kendall Jenner confesses she has Bieber Fever in her Harper’s Bazaar cover story for the magazine’s June/July 2016 issue. Check out the interview here!

Kendall Jenner Getting “Revenge” On Harry Styles?

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Kendall Jenner Revenge Harry Styles

Kendall Jenner is NOT getting “revenge” on Harry Styles, despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust the sensational story.

Rebecca Romijn Denies Slamming Kendall Jenner And Gigi Hadid

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Kendall Jenner Gigi Hadid Rebecca Romijn

Rebecca Romijn is denying she slammed Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid in a recent interview that quoted her as saying the two were “not true supermodels.” On Wednesday, Romijn tweeted to both girls to insist she “never talked smack” about them.

Kendall Jenner Goes Off On Rob Kardashian For Re-Gifting iPad To Blac Chyna (VIDEO)

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Kendall Jenner Rob Kardashian Fight


Kendall Jenner goes off on Rob Kardashian on this Sunday’s Season 12 premiere of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” after she finds out her brother re-gifted the iPad she got him for Christmas to his girlfriend (now fiancee) Blac Chyna. Watch the clip here!

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