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Kelly Rutherford Posed “Abduction” Risk With Kids, Ruled Judge

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Kelly Rutherford abduct kids

Kelly Rutherford is not to be trusted, and would likely take her two kids and flee to the U.S., according to the judge who presided over the custody case between the actress and her ex-husband Daniel Giersch in Monaco. The noted in his ruling there was “a strong risk of the children’s abduction and retention in the United States.” And there was reason for that decision.

Kelly Rutherford Loses Custody, Kids Will Live In Monaco With Daniel Giersch

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Kelly Rutherford Loses Custody December 2015

Kelly Rutherford has reportedly lost her custody battle, with a judge ruling her kids should permanently live in Monaco with their father Daniel Giersch. Find out more here.

Kelly Rutherford: I Did NOT Kidnap My Children — WATCH VIDEO HERE

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Kelly Rutherford kidnapping


Kelly Rutherford is fighting back at claims she “kidnapped” her two young children when she failed to return them to their father in Monaco. As Gossip Cop reported, Rutherford and her ex-husband Daniel Giersch have been in a bitter custody battle over their children Hermes, 8, and Helena, 6, since 2009.

Kelly Rutherford: “Abusive” Judge “Arrested” My Children By Sending Kids Back To Monaco — SEE STATEMENT

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Kelly Rutherford Slams Judge

Kelly Rutherford says a New York judge was “abusive” and “effectively arrested” her children by forcing them to go back to Monaco. See statement here.

Kelly Rutherford Cries Outside Court After Losing Kids (VIDEO)

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Kelly Rutherford cries custody battle


Kelly Rutherford started crying outside Manhattan Supreme Court on Tuesday after losing her kids when a judge ordered the two children return to Monaco with their dad Daniel Giersch.

Kelly Rutherford Kids MUST Go Back To Monaco, Judge Rules

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Kelly Rutherford Kids Ordered Back To Monaco

Kelly Rutherford’s kids MUST go back to Monaco, a New York judge ruled on Tuesday. Find out more here.

Kelly Rutherford: I REFUSE To Send My Kids Back to Monaco

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Kelly Rutherford Refusing Return Kids

Kelly Rutherford is refusing to send her kids back to Monaco, willfully ignoring the court-ordered date for custody to return to ex-husband Daniel Giersch. See her explanation here, and tell us what you think.

Kelly Rutherford Poses With Kids On Red Carpet After Custody Setback (PHOTOS)

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Kelly Rutherford Kids Photos July 2015


Kelly Rutherford posed with her kids on a makeshift red carpet on Saturday, two days after a setback in her custody battle. See the photos here.

Kelly Rutherford Kids Coming Back To United States For Summer

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Kelly Rutherford Kids United States Summer

Kelly Rutherford’s kids will come back to the United States for the summer, a Los Angeles judge ruled on Thursday. It was the latest decision in a years-long legal battle that is still not resolved. Find out the latest developments here.

Kelly Rutherford Won’t Be Getting Custody Of Her Kids Quite Yet

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kelly rutherford custody change

Kelly Rutherford will not be seeing her kids so soon, according to a judge’s ruling. As Gossip Cop reported last week, the actress was awarded temporary sole custody of her children, Hermes and Helena, who are currently living with her ex-husband Daniel Giersch in Monaco, but her legal victory was short-lived because a Los Angeles judge now says there’s a question over whether the U.S. court has jurisdiction in the matter.

Kelly Rutherford Wins Sole Custody Of Her Children Temporarily, Kids Must Return To United States — See Judge’s Ruling

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Kelly Rutherford Wins Sole Custody

Kelly Rutherford has won temporary sole custody of her children after a years-long custody battle with her ex-husband, Daniel Giersch. On Friday, California judge Mark Juhas filed a court order demanding son Hermes, 8, and daughter Helena, 5, return to the United States from Monaco to be reunited with their mother. Get all the latest details and read the ruling here.

Kim Kardashian Petitions President Obama To Help Kelly Rutherford Get Her Kids Back

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Kim Kardashian Kelly Rutherford Petition

Kim Kardashian and Kris Jenner are promoting a petition to “implore the Obama administration to return Kelly Rutherford’s children” to the United States. Kardashian tweeted the petition on Tuesday, telling her 31.7 million followers, “I signed this petition bc I believe it’s the right thing to do & if u believe in it please sign it.”

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