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Kate Middleton

Life & Style Tries Tricking Readers Into Thinking Kate Middleton Gave Birth

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Kate Middleton Delivery Room

Life & Style, which has made up countless Kate Middleton stories, sunk to new lows this week, publishing a bait-and-switch cover that tries to trick readers into thinking the Duchess of Cambridge already gave birth after last-minute medical drama. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

OK! Pretends Kate Middleton Gave Birth With Deceptive “Dramatic Delivery” Cover

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Kate Middleton Delivery

Kate Middleton has not given birth to her second child. OK! magazine wants you to think she has, publishing a bait-and-switch cover story that’s just a pile of nonsense. Gossip Cop is getting tired of OK! doing this. The tabloid has previously run bait-and-switch cover reports falsely suggesting Jennifer Lawrence and Jennifer Aniston were pregnant, that Kim Kardashian and Jenna Dewan were having second babies, and that Miranda Lambert was expecting twins.

Kate Middleton NOT Worried About Queen Elizabeth’s “Spies,” Despite Report

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Queen Elizabeth Spying Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton is not “terrified” about Queen Elizabeth having “spies” on the Duchess of Cambridge’s staff, despite a new Life & Style report that sounds a lot like the last dozen wrong Life & Style reports about the royals. Gossip Cop can bust the story.

Kate Middleton NOT “At War” With Queen Elizabeth, Despite Magazine Report

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Kate Middleton Queen Elizabeth Fight


Kate Middleton is NOT “at war” with Queen Elizabeth, despite yet another Life & Style cover story claiming the two royals are fighting. Gossip Cop can bust this report, as we’ve busted countless previous Life & Style stories repeating the same wrong allegations.

Pregnant Kate Middleton NOT “Rushed To Hospital” — Star Made Up Medical Crisis

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Kate Middleton Rushed to Hospital


A pregnant Kate Middleton was NOT rushed to the hospital with a “terrifying health scare,” despite a new Star cover story. Gossip Cop can exclusively bust the report, which claims a “petrified” Duchess was in an ambulance roaring through the streets of London earlier this month, allegedly writhing in pain less than two months before her due date. If you’re wondering how an American magazine of low repute managed to get this exclusive, it’s because it’s fabricated.

Site Predicts Kate Middleton Will Die Like Princess Diana

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Kate Middleton Dead

Celeb Dirty Laundry, a bottom-feeding webloid, now implies that Kate Middleton may follow in Princess Diana’s footsteps and wind up divorced and possibly dead. The site’s new headline states, “Kate Middleton Following Princess Diana’s Life Trajectory: Do 6 Eerie Similarities Foretell a Similar Future?” It’s sick garbage, just like it sounds.

Kate Middleton NOT “Humiliated” By Queen Elizabeth, Despite Latest Bogus Report

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Kate Middleton Fight

Kate Middleton has been “humiliated” by Queen Elizabeth and has decided to “fight back,” claims Life & Style in a new cover story as off-base and ridiculous as its last cover story saying the exact same thing. Gossip Cop can bust this rumor, which seems to return whenever the tabloids have nothing better to “report.”

Duchess Kate Wears Hoodie, Dazzles Scouts & Helps Them Earn Badges (VIDEO)

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Kate Middleton Scouts


Duchess Kate made some new young friends on Tuesday, dropping in on a group of astonished Beaver Scouts in London to help them earn their Disability Awareness badges. Check out the video here!

Prince George NEW PHOTOS Released!

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Prince George New Picture


Prince George looks pretty adorable in new photos released of the royal toddler on Saturday. The almost 17-month-old son of Duchess Kate and Prince William is seen sitting on a stone staircase in a Kensington Palace courtyard. The three images are the first official pictures of the prince since his first birthday last July.

VIRAL VIDEO: Kate Middleton Eye Roll After Being Ordered To “Keep Wrapping!”

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Kate Middleton Keep Wrapping


Kate Middleton had an eventful three-day trip to the United States, but one moment during her whirlwind swing through New York deserves special attention.

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