Jude Law

Jude Law Going Broke?

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Jude Law Broke


Jude Law is NOT “going broke” as a result of child support payments, despite an inaccurate tabloid report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim.

Lindsay Lohan Rejected By Jude Law’s Teenage Son?

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Lindsay Lohan tried to hit on Jude Law’s 17-year-old model son Rafferty at a London Fashion Week event and got “shot down,” alleges Star.

According to the magazine’s spy, “Rafferty wanted nothing to do with her. Lindsay tried and tried to meet him or get his number, but Raf completely ignored her.”

WATCH: Jude Law Gets Drunk and Tries to Kiss Playboy Model at Bar

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Jude Law was filmed making a clumsy, drunken pass at a woman reported to be a Playboy model while recently visiting a bar in Budapest.

See it here.

WATCH: Jude Law and Jimmy Fallon Have “Funny Face Off” on Tonight Show

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Jimmy Fallon and Jude Law tried to recreate kids’ funny faces on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.”

Check out the video here!

Sienna Miller Allegedly Left “I Love You” Voicemail For Daniel Craig While Out With Then-Boyfriend Jude Law

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(Getty Images)

Sienna Miller allegedly cheated on Jude Law with Daniel Craig in 2005, according to a tabloid reporter who has pleaded guilty to phone hacking on behalf of the since-closed News of the World.

Robert Downey Jr. Planning Some Like It Hot Remake With Jude Law?

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“After cross-dressing for his latest ‘Sherlock Holmes’ movie, Robert Downey Jr. plans to film a remake of the classic gender-bending comedy ‘Some Like It Hot’!” exclaims the National Enquirer.

But that’s not all.

According to the tabloid, “Downey has even recruited British heartthrob Jude Law, his co-star in the upcoming sequel ‘Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadow,’ to join him in the drag extravaganza.”


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