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Joy Behar NOT Leaving “The View” For Skin Care Line, Despite Claim

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Joy Behar Leaving The View Skin Care


Joy Behar is NOT leaving “The View” to promote a skin care line, despite a fake news story circulating online. Gossip Cop can help set the record straight.

Amy Schumer Joke Stealing Controversy Debated On ‘The View’ (VIDEO)

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Amy Schumer joke stealing The View


Whoopi Goldberg and Joy Behar led a debate on Thursday’s “The View” about Amy Schumer being accused of stealing jokes from other comics. See the video here.

“The View” Apologizes For Eating Disorder Jokes – WATCH VIDEO

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the view eating disorder


The View” hosts apologized for joking about eating disorders on Thursday’s show. Just 15 minutes after joking about which eating disorder is “better,” Joy Behar issued an apology. See video here of the jokes and subsequent apology made by “The View” hosts.

Joy Behar “Warms Up” To Donald Trump: “Not As Bad As Rest Of Them” (VIDEO)

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Joy Behar Supports Donald Trump


Joy Behar shocked her co-hosts on Wednesday’s “The View” when she revealed she was “warming up to” Donald Trump. Behar, who is openly liberal, admitted that after doing some research, she doesn’t think Trump is as bad as she previously thought. Watch the video here.

“The View” Nurses Controversy: Advertisers Bail On Show

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The View Nurses advertisers


The View,” which has been getting (bed)panned by nurses ever since co-hosts Michelle Collins and Joy Behar seemingly mocked Kelley Johnson, a RN who competed as Miss Colorado during Sunday’s Miss America contest, has now lost Johnson & Johnson and England’s best as advertisers.

Joy Behar Returning To “The View” As Co-Host For Season 19 — SEE STATEMENT!

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Joy Behar Returning The View Statement

Joy Behar is officially returning to “The View” as a co-host, it was announced on Tuesday. See statement here, and find out who else is joining the show for season 19!

Joy Behar: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Needs To Explain “Dangerous, Hate-Filled Remark” About Rosie O’Donnell — WATCH HERE!

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Joy Behar has slammed Elisabeth Hasselbeck for her “below-the-belt” remarks about Rosie O’Donnell and her expected return to “The View.”

Check out the video here!

Barbara Walters: Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck Fired To “Shake Up” The View

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Barbara Walters sheds new light on Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck’s exits from “The View” in a new interview, suggesting both co-hosts were fired.

Although both Behar and Hasselbeck separately announced their departures last year as their own choices, speculation remained that the controversial TV personalities were pushed out.

See what Walters now says here.

Joy Behar Kisses The View Goodbye After 16 Years (VIDEO)

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Joy Behar kissed “The View” — and a ton of people — goodbye on her final show on Friday.

The co-host, who had a habit of kissing on the lips the show’s guests and co-hosts, went on a wild kissing spree that included Barbara Walters and Meredith Vieira during her last appearance.

Check out the video here!

Denise Richards Tells ‘The View’ Charlie Sheen’s Antics Are ‘Not a New Situation’

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Denise Richards talks about Charlie Sheen and his troubles on “The View” tomorrow.

Sitting in with Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara Walters, Joy Behar and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Richards was asked about her ex-husband and his infamous exploits.

And since it was taped earlier today, Gossip Cop has a preview.

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