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Jodie Foster Confused For Helen Hunt At Nail Salon?

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jodie foster helen hunt


Jodie Foster did not go off on a journalist for confusing her with Helen Hunt at a nail salon. Gossip Cop can bust this fabricated story.

Jodie Foster: Kristen Stewart Not “Screwed Up” From Being Child Star

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Jodie Foster Kristen Stewart Child Star

Jodie Foster used Kristen Stewart to debunk the theory that former child stars become “screwed up” adults, insisting the actress is a “wonderful, genuine” person.

Jodie Foster Plays “Egg Russian Roulette” With Jimmy Fallon On ‘Tonight Show’ (VIDEO)

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Jodie Foster Egg Russian Roulette Fallon


Jodie Foster played “Egg Russian Roulette” with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show.” The premise of the game is each person takes an egg from a box of a dozen that has eight hard boiled and four raw eggs, and then smashes them against his or her head. The first person to crack two uncooked eggs against his or her head loses. See the video here of the messy game between Foster and Fallon.

Kristen Stewart Honors Jodie Foster At Hollywood Walk Of Fame Ceremony (VIDEO)

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Kristen Stewart Jodie Foster Hollywood Walk Fame


Kristen Stewart delivered a speech at Jodie Foster’s Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony in Los Angeles on Wednesday. Watch the video here!

Stars React to Jodie Foster’s Moving Golden Globes Speech

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Jodie Foster’s emotional Golden Globes speech brought a strong reaction from her fellow stars in the ballroom, as well as those watching from home.

As Gossip Cop reported, the Cecil B. DeMille Award recipient officially confirmed that she is gay, spoke about her changing role in Hollywood, and lamented the lack of privacy for today’s celebrities.

Many in the audience were seen crying, and many more took to Twitter to share their thoughts.

Jodie Foster Stands Up For Kristen Stewart, Slams Media “Hunting Season” On Actress

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Jodie Foster has had enough of the intense media scrutiny surrounding Kristen Stewart.

In a lengthy piece written for The Daily Beast, Foster, who co-starred with Stewart in 2002’s Panic Room, slams the obsessive way the media and paparazzi have fixated on the Twilight star.

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