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Production On Onetime Kristen Stewart Film The Big Shoe Canceled In South Africa

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Kristen Stewart The Big Shoe Canceled

It looks like the onetime Kristen Stewart film, The Big Shoe, is not going to happen as planned. The movie, slated to also star Jim Sturgess and Elizabeth Banks, was supposed to shoot in Cape Town, but it appears the South African Film Fund, which was to finance part of the production, didn’t come up with its portion of the money, and so the movie isn’t moving forward there.

Kristen Stewart and Jim Sturgess Linked In Blog’s Ridiculous “Chemistry” Rumor

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As soon as Kristen Stewart joined The Big Shoe, Gossip Cop had a feeling some desperate outlet of dubious credibility would start rumors about her and co-star Jim Sturgess.

Hello, HollywoodLife!

Kristen Stewart Joins The Big Shoe

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Kristen Stewart is set to join The Big Shoe, which stars Jim Sturgess as an embattled shoe designer.

Elizabeth Banks is also being added to the cast.

The film will be directed by Steven Shainberg.

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